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4th Covid vaccinations

Since having DLBCL and being treated with Rituximab as one of many and being informed that the effectiveness of the 1st and 2nd Covid vaccinations has been rendered ineffective what is the probability that we may be offered a 4th Covid vaccination before we get offered the booster jab.
Or are we likely to see the Antibody jab being developed by AstraZeneca being offered to us.

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I am not aware of 4 vaccinations. I have had my 3rd vaccination and hope for a booster in 6 mths @Venus.
Who knows what will happen in 6 mths time and I hope for antibody tests by then too, no matter who produces it !!!
Look after yourself.

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Hello @Venus, thank you for posting on the Forum. Can I ask whether you have had a letter or text to say that you are eligible for the 3rd primary dose COVID vaccine? If not please refer to our web pages where you can find information on how to access this here: How to get a covid vaccine if you have blood cancer | Blood Cancer UK. Our vaccine efficacy pages are updated regularly so please have a read here: https://bit.ly/3ocuJLl and I would encourage to speak to your clinical team about your antibody status.
We are awaiting confirmation from the Joint Committee on Vaccines and Immunisation (JCVI) on whether people with blood cancer who have had the third dose as part of their primary vaccination will be provided a booster dose and at what interval that will be. For those who have recently had their third dose and then also have received an invitation for the booster, it has not been recommended that they have a subsequent (booster) dose at this time. I really hope this helps but do call or email our Support Services Team to discuss this or any other support needed: Blood cancer support | Blood Cancer UK. Best wishes Gemma

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Initially when I rang my GP surgery (4th October) to enquire about a 3rd primary Covid vaccination I was told it would only be a booster but after some arguing about my status one of the senior practice GP’s said I would qualify for a 3rd vaccination and thus an appointment was booked in for 30th October. In the intervening 3 weeks I received letters from both the NHS and the GP surgery stating that persons like myself would in fact be entitled to receive a 3rd Primary Covid Jab.

Since reading that the effectiveness of the two jabs previous would have been rendered ineffective considering my treatment for DLBCL with Rituximab as one of many drugs/toxins I thus posed the question whether those in a similar position would then be offered a 4th vaccination in say 8 to 12 weeks and then a booster 6 months after that or are we likely to be offered the Antibody jab being developed by AstraZeneca.

As for the National Covid Cancer Survey and the “brick wall” I encountered - the first time I registered for the home testing kit I was told I was unsuccessful and even instructed to ring 119 (Test and Trace) they said I didn’t qualify as I didn’t work in the NHS. Well I registered again and thus wait and to see if I get the kit delivered to ascertain what my level of antibodies really are - interesting times ahead hopefully.

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Hi @Venus, very good questions and I have no idea, but if you find out let us know!!!
The main thing is to look after yourself

Hi Venus, We hope you are keeping well? It is great to hear that you have received your third vaccine and we hope that went okay.
Your questions are very important ones and right now we certainly do not have all the answer, but are working hard in the background to gain some clarity.
Our health care pages inform that ‘We are awaiting confirmation from the JCVI on whether people who have had the third dose as part of their primary vaccination will be subsequently provided a booster dose and at what interval’.
We also up to this point are waiting on guidance for approved antibody treatments & how this will be rolled out. What we do know will be updated on our health care page here- Antibody treatments for people with blood cancer | Blood Cancer UK

Best wishes, Lauran

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To follow on from my previous post about the National Covid Cancer Survey - the moral is if you don’t succeed first time re-register and hope to be more successful. Today I received the test kit which is one piece of good news.

As for how I am feeling after my 3rd primary dose of vaccination - rubbish! I was told about the side effects but presently full of aches and pains which are not normal for me. I’ve even now ended up with shingles which is messing me up as what I had planned in the coming days is now being put off until my health improves - how long that will be is anyone’s guess.
At least I was able to speak to a GP as well as submit some photos of my rash and I’m now on medication for the next week.

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As a person who has shingles that flares up every time I overdo it emotionally, physically medically and practically I expect you are feeling rubbish with the rash and then added to that the side effects from your 3rd vaccine as well.
Look after yourself and take care @Venus .
Please let us know how you go.