Anthems & representations

You, rule breaker you, @anon06
I was so tempted
Elton John, The Animals, Meatloaf, Crosby, Stills and Nash have been on my mind all afternoon

Just add one,
As for myself The Drifters are great
Bev has a special place in my heart, as @BloodCancerUK are aware of, if I said why she does on here I would be giving away my anonymity. If you picked Crosby stills and Nash, remember a group counts as one choice

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You always have had an air of mystery about you @anon06, I tend to be an open book on here.
Can you tell us anything about why you arrived on our forum and how are you doing now?
Obviously don’t answer this if you don’t want to, and don’t say anything that would make you feel uncomfortable and ‘no names, no pack drill’.
The Drifters are classic, there are so many incredible acts which come from the USA and influenced people like Eric Clapton.
I hope you enjoy your Bank Holiday Monday.


Ok about me, I support Blood Cancer UK as passionately as Everton and England if not more so. I got involved with this forum because I loved the communication. Blood CancerUK are aware of who I am. I like to keep anon here because its more fun and I enjoy using my profile pic. I love football music and l love…
… well that would give the game away, but @Alice_BloodCancerUK @TanyaBloodCancerUK @LauranBloodCancerUK are great to talk to on the phone for advice its great to share interests with like minded people on here and have a laugh as well. After what I’ve been through (now in remission), I want to give something back and do this using my other passion, of course being involved here is like an informal way of doing this.
On here you can ask for advice and share it to everyone which is important
Its hard to comment on my health, but its unpredictable, as for my emotions Im frustrated in general re:Covid risk factor ,like a lot of us.
I signed my Christmas Card to Blood Cancer Uk ,“from your biggest fan”, they will DEFINITELY know who I am having gave that reminder. Its just a pleasure to be involved. Thats as open as I can be.
My name anon06 was chosen because I like to keep anon and I could not get no6 so I chose 06, because Peter Reid my favourite player who wore no6
Kind regards aka The Riddler?:joy:


Great thoughts @willow all classics singers/songs
Look after yourself.xxxx

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I am going to take Freddie Mercury off as I have Queen on my list and add The Animals and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young to get my moneys worth!!!
Thanks for your response and we are here for you during the good or bad days.

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Yea they were great especially album "Deja Vu " with Neil Young, “Almost Cut My Hair” & “Our House”. Im only 47 & have an eclectic taste hence my clues in music jukebox. I like a lot of things from Abba (surprisingly I left them out) to zepln. If I added abba, that would mean taking “our” Bev out and I CAN’T DO THAT!

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I also have eclectic tastes in music @anon06 from Aerosmith to Zayne Malik!!


My favourite soundtrack would be the “Commitments”, closely followed by "Little Shop Of Horrors ". My favourite albums are "Back In Memphis " by Elvis, “Falling Into You” by Celine Dion and "The Great Pretender " by Dolly Parton + “Rock N Roll” by John Lennon & Soul Uk by Bev

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Can anyone name their top 21(yes 21 Erica :grin: ) all time songs, of course songs have been covered, so you could pick eg “river deep mountain high” by Tuna Turner & Celine Dion if you wish, although theywould count as two separate entries
@Erica @Willow @2DB @Rammie18

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@Nichola75 I would like to introduce you to this chat, please scroll up for more details

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Might take me a while :smiley:


Morning @anon06. Not up for a list yet - still got Covid brain but if I had to choose one song it would be ……


Excellent choice a classic


As for my top 21 songs, here we go in no particular order:
Pure Love - Rod Stewart
Live the life - Rod Stewart
These were the days of our lives - Queen
Heaven for everyone - Queen
Time - Freddie Mercury
Wonderful tonight - Eric Clapton
Let it grow - Eric Clapton
Everywhere - Fleetwood Mac
Albatross - Fleetwood Mac
Waterloo sunset - The Kinks
Days - The Kinks
Someone saved my life tonight - Elton John
Fields of Gold - Eva Cassidy
Lady in red - Chris de Burgh
3 times a lady - Lionel Richie
A whiter shade of pale - Procol Harum
Tonight I celebrate my life - Roberta Flack
Why worry - Dire Straits
Nights in white satin - The Moody Blues
The living years - Mike and the Mechanics
Angels - Robbie Williams
So many more I could add!!!


I look forward to your choices @2DB
& @Erica Some good choices, glad you included Time by Mercury, a forgotten classic perhaps. Another gem is the “Golden Boy”, from the Barcelona album, my favourite on the album if Im honest.


In no particular order
Top 20+ artists

The Nolan sisters
David Soul
Sandi Shaw
David Bowie
Celine Dione
Michael Jackson
Pink Floyd
The who
Fleetwood Mac
Phil Collins
Red hot chilli peppers
Take That
The prodigy
James Blunt
Depeche Mode
Human league
George Micheal
Billy Elish
Alicia Keys
Eva Cassidy
Alison Krauss

Ooops think that maybe more than 20
Very difficult to choose as they span my lifetime


:smiley: bopping around the kitchen to this

@Erica @Willow @2DB @Nichola75

I saw her standing there
(The Beatles)

Unchanged Melody
(Righteous Brothers)

Dancing Queen

Bohemian Rahapsody

Suspicious Minds
(Elvis Presley)

Power Of Love
(Jennifer Rush)

Your Song
(Elton John )

(Eric Clapton)

Born In The Usa
(Bruce Springsteen)

Hotel California
(The Eagles)

Rhythm is Gonna Get ya
(Gloria Estefan )

Baby Love
(Diana Ross & The Supreems)

Chain Reaction
(Diana Ross)

Dancing On The Ceiling
(Lionel Ritchie)

My Girl
(The Temptations)

A Change Is Gonna Come
(Sam Cooke)

You Can’t Hurry Love
(Phil Collins)

What A Feeling
(Irene Carna)

Simply The Best
(Tina Turner)

(Rolling Stones)

(Arethea Franklin )

Of course its only 21. Many tracks incl by Tina Turner, Rod Stewart, Wet Wet Wet, Bryan Adams, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston and Queen, Frank Sinatra, Andy Williams and Lea Marvin :grin: were considered.
@Erica @Nichola75

@2DB Some good choices, it’s ok I said 20 to start with for legends but then I said 21, I’m no teacher :joy: Thanks for your reply

I look forward to peoples 21 favourite songs