Christmas 2020?

Well, this is a strange one!
We’re in a 4 week lockdown to, hopefully, allow everyone to have a family Christmas.
But the Chancellor has extended the furlough scheme until March! What does this say? Are we in this until then?
I think we’ve decided that we’ll have our Christmas as planned.
As long as everyone is well & is symptom free for the week previous.
I fought so hard 12 yrs ago to stay here to be with my family & watch them grow into adulthood, watch them find partners, buy property, build their adult lives, give me grandchildren. That’s what gave me the determination to carry on through the gruelling treatment regime. It was my light at the end of my tunnel.
I can’t bear the idea of an isolated Christmas.
I need to give my gifts & watch them being received. Watch their faces as the gifts, chosen especially for them, are opened. That’s what it’s all about. Well it’s not what it’s ALL about!
It’s that comforting, caring, family togetherness I love.
What’s the point in carrying on in isolation & missing out on the things you fought to experience? Life’s for living!
I know I’m far luckier than the majority as I’m not neutropenic. I’m on minimum meds. So I know how lucky I am.
But how long can we go on like this? This virus is here, & probably for a long time. I know they’re talking about immunisation but I personally wouldn’t feel happy having the injection that’s not been vigorously tested previously.
Anyway is it a live vaccine? If so, I can’t have it anyway.
What are your thoughts about Christmas 2020?
I’m going to chance it, it means too much to me not to.

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