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How are people thinking and feeling about the festive season this year?

Another year has gone by and Covid is still very much in our world.
How are people thinking and feeling about the festive season this year?
In this country restrictions have been lifted, how does that change things for us?
Some of us have had our 3rd vaccinations/boosters, does that change our thinking?
Our any of you feeling pressurised by family and friends or do they understand.
What about the media?
What about government v the medical experts?
I await with interest to hear what people think and feel.


Am working xmas day
Not a great fan of xmas anyone
As long as I can see my hubby son daughter mum and sister am happy

Xmas is an expensive time and the real reasons for xmas seem to have disappeared

I don’t drink so am not interested in going out happy to watch old movies and shows

Spend time with my furry family

People provably ho mad this year as celebrations probably more this year

I would rather avoid the risk of infection with being newly diagnosed

We can have fun at home and enjoy the real reasons for xmas


Basically no change for me, along with my very supportive husband and family. I am preparing myself for the onslaught of festive cheer, that will happen, but I am not sure that it will affect me as much as it did last year, fingers crossed anyway. The local infection rate is higher than the rest of the country currently and with Christmas markets and conferences plus the influx of Christmas shoppers I am staying well clear of everyone and am still only taking daily walks.
My family are extremely supportive and although we would all love to meet up we will take it all a day at a time and use zoom etc, thank goodness for technology. You never know it could be mild enough for a pleasant outdoor walk!
I agree that the true meaning of Christmas has gone and, although I can’t spend it with my close family, we can reach out to each other in a meaningful way, after all we have been doing so for 20 months now. We hold on to the hope that one day we will be meeting, as others do now, in a normal way I just wish the government and media knew that people like us are not living a normal life.


Thank you so much for starting this topic @Erica. I thought this might be a good place to share our updated Christmas blog - Making decisions about your Christmas plans if you have blood cancer | Blood Cancer UK
How are others feeling about it this year?

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It’s a nightmare. I know lots of you feel you are in a “new normal” but I still don’t. Not only do I crave my old Pre cancer life but I want a covid safe life too. For me I’ve had 2 years of what I feel as misery. I was diagnosed with lymphoma and smouldering myeloma in October 2019. I was successfully treated with R-CHOP then went straight into shielding. We haven’t had what we call a traditional Christmas since 2018. Within my family there are always lots of get togethers, little parties, big parties and impromptu meet-ups around Christmas. I’m sure this year they will go ahead and I’ll be sat at home with my husband feeling miserable and sad because I can’t go. I’m only 43 and have a 18 year old son ( he will be off out partying I’m sure) and a 12 year old daughter who loves these parties. I’ll probably try and drop her off to some of them. Why should she keep missing out.
I feel very anxious all the time but also very cross. I want my life back and I’d love my Christmas back.


Hi @Limadi a great big welcome to our forum and there are other people on here feeling as you do.
Now you are part of our forum family.
You have had 2 life changing events to process, and the timings of both are really unfortunate, who could have foreseen the pandemic…
I know I would still have been in shock from my cancer diagnosis when Covid struck and we went into lockdown.
Yes, traditional Christmases’ are a mere memory aren’t they. We have definitely had to re-think ours and turn it into whatever we wanted for the 2 of us.
I think what I miss is the the social interaction, the laughs and hugs, the meet up’s
Have you got access to Skype or Zoom as I have found those meeting up have really helped me.
I have been sending little notes and cards which I find fun and also lovely to receive.
How would you feel about meeting some people socially distanced outside or in a well ventilated space.
Perhaps dropping your daughter off at parties is a start isn’t it, and as you say why should your children miss out.
Do you feel that you might benefit from some counselling, it is not for everyone, but it certainly helped me. Your GP or Macmillan Cancer support might be able to help.
The Blood Cancer UK support line is also there if you would like to talk to someone.
You are certainly entitled to feel as you do and I feel honoured that you felt you could be honest with us.
Please keep posting as I would like to hear more about you and look after yourselves.


For me personally no Christmas has been normal for the last 3 years or so since I no longer have my mom’s family Christmas. In 2018 I spent Christmas at a local hotel just for a change of scenery as I was on one of my treatment weeks. I didn’t mind it actually, I had a nice meal at a restaurant on Christmas Day and nobody to wrestle the remote control off. The next year i spent with my sister and we all had flu but still managed to open a couple of bottles of wine to cheer things up. Last year, every possible plan I tried to make had to be cancelled and I ended up eating Christmas dinner with my landlord and his partner. It was probably as close as I’ve got to some of the old family Christmases I had as a child as we exchanged presents and had a nice meal together with dodgy TV. This year I really don’t know what’s going to happen as the only person in the family I could stay with from a practical point of view is the same sister I stayed with before and she’s now on permanent chemo until the end and in a lot of pain most days. I haven’t broached the subject of Christmas as I don’t want to upset her or put her under any pressure to have a house guest when she’s not up to it. I’m leaving the ball in her court and have a provisional booking at the same hotel as 3 years ago if I need a plan B. I’m not feeling particularly Christmassy and ti could all be a bot last minute but I’ll do something and there’s sure to be wine involved :slight_smile:


Hi @Franko I like the idea of having a Plan B, always a good philosophy.
I always like to be organised and find it very difficult to go with the flow.
Take care

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