Hi everyone first of all Happy Easter to you …my lorry is parked up for 5 days and having a nice break🚍

Special hi and thanks to all the folk who help run this Forum and those who respond to our worries

Its much appreciated

So since i got diagnosed a couple of years back i have appreciated all the expert help and advice… it has been invaluable

I even rang the hotline up for a chat that was really helpful

But one thing i have found that helps a lot is …Intuition

Sometimes you have to go with your gut feeling…most things when you have our illness are done strictly by the book of course but there are things when sometimes you got to judge for yourself and go with your gut.

My iron is never that great and had been put on Ferrous…it helped a little but i come off it on my own accord because it was effecting my stomach…still take a little

I find a little more sleep is more healthier and beneficial than taking Ferrous that wasn’t helping to much.

I thought my Specialist would go bananas but no she understood

Of course i wouldn’t have stopped my Hydroxycarbamide or Aspirin but sometimes its nice to take that decision yourself

I think time helps of course i did find at first i was absolutely besotted with blood counts and numbers but actually now can tell if i am having a blip before any blood tests.

Any kind of Blood Cancer diagnosis puts us all in this big protective bubble both physically and mentally.

Luckily for me in recent times i have been able to take the bull by the horns and make my own decisions…should i get on a packed plane…i did (Lanzarotte)…my decision…i am going to a concert in Oxford next month…my decision

Some experts and family may frown a little and i will be as careful as i can but sometimes you got to use your own intuition and go for it…sometimes of course that may be telling you the complete opposite of what i have done…and thats just fine.

All the best …love to you all❤️


Morning @Leefer. It’s good to hear from you.
A really interesting post. One of the first things my consultant said to me was that I would know before him if my lymphoma had returned or progressed because I know my body better than anybody else. Initially that frightened the life out of me because I thought that was a really big responsibility and I checked and double checked for lumps and bumps - probably obsessively for a while.
However, I’ve come to realise it’s just about knowing your own body and what’s normal for you, but also knowing when you need to seek support from professionals.
I’ve grown in confidence in talking to my GP and consultant about any concerns I have and always talk things through with them (however small) and I don’t feel silly asking those questions.
I think I have found a good balance. Having a good medical team around you, who understands you and how you approach and manage your diagnosis helps. My consultant knows I panic and takes the time to talk things through at every appointment. I know that isn’t the case for everybody and that’s tough.
Have a wonderful long weekend @Leefer and enjoy your 5 days off! :blush:


I am so glad @Leefer that you and your lorry are parked up for 5 days, I hope the weather is being kind to you, it is here.
As you and @Nichola75 say I have also grown in confidence in getting to know myself and learnt how to treat my medical team as equals and really make sure I ask all the questions I need to and be pleasantly assertive.
A great big Happy Easter to you xxxxxx


Hi @Leefer. Here is some info that you might find useful. Some years ago my iron levels were very low, but I reacted badly to the tablets that I was prescribed, so like you I stopped taking them. However, I did some research and found that I was able to tolerate chelated amino iron. The product that I took was made by Quest and I sent to London for it. The company who supplied it is Baldwin’s and now have a website. My doctor was fully aware and encouraged me to try it even though he didn’t understand the science of it. It worked well and I got my iron levels back to normal after some time of taking it. I hope you find this info helpful. Happy Easter to you and all. Best wishes from Chris.


Thanks Nichola…great advice as always…look after yourself👊


Fantastic…thanks i certainly will look into that

All the best and thanks again

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Thanks Erica…you and the other advisors on here are brilliant.

All the best


Have a great break from driving. I bet the world will look quite different when you get back in the cab. The trees buds are bursting, cherry and blackthorn blossom is coming out and flowers everywhere. Something to lift the spirits.:smile:


And the extra light…its like Medicine to me