Life Insurance for cancer survivors.....

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I was hoping to get some advise from anyone out there who has either been in or may currently be in a similar situation with respect to Life Insurance. I have a current legacy policy which expires in Dec 2020 (20 yr term comes to an end) and wanted to start a new one to replace this one. I am not having any luck trying to set up a new policy since being diagnosed with Follicular NHL, having undergone Radiotherapy then Chemo 2nd time around. I am currently in remission and i know the score with respect to relapse, but was still hoping to set this up as a nest egg for my kids in the future (for when anything happens to me) but i keep getting refused based on my condition. I have researched and can’t understand why they cant exclude this particular condition from the benefit or look to increase the premium or both…it is simple NO. Whilst it would be nice to get a complete cover package (understand the insurance companies are not stupid here) if i die as a result of something other than NHL i cant cover that??

Any suggestions welcomed for how to progress this one or equally on how set something up for the future.

I have copied in a website i found, in the hope it might help.

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