Multiple plasma cytomas

My husband has multiple plasma cytomas. There seems to be no information specific to multiple plasma cytomas. The Blood Cancer UK nurse phone calls are brilliant. He is having a stem cell transplant shortly. At present he feels very tired and is in pain, he does have meds. Any tips for the long journey to hospital for the many tests and early starts. He will be on the ward for the actual transplant as the chemo caused grade 3 neuropathy.


Hi @GillR a great big welcome to our forum.
Yes, always keep the Blood Cancer UK support line number handy,
If I have understood you it appears you have a long journey to the hospital and you can afford it perhaps stay overnight somewhere nearer occasionally as a treat.
Break up the journey with rest stops.
As for if your husband is in hospital perhaps light reading, music, hobbies, whatever interests him.
Others will have lots of other ideas.
Now what about you as you will be keeping things going at home as well as going to appointments, thinking about logistics and probably asking how your husband is and perhaps not asking about you.
Being a family member can be utterly exhausting emotionally, physically and logistically.
So be really kind to and look after yourself as well and keep posting.
I hope others will respond more practically than me. xx

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Hi @GillR and welcome to the forum.
@Erica has given lots of great suggestions and Iā€™m sure others who have had hospital stays will be able to give you lots of tips as well!
How often will you be making the journey? Staying close by may be worth thinking about to save some of the journeys and early starts?
Really important to take care of yourself as well.
Please keep posting and keep us updated on how things are X

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