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My GF, a medical student, who worked in a placement during the pndemic has leukemia

Hi all,

My gf was working as a medical student at a London hospital throughout the pandemic. In Febraury she was diagnosed with leakiemia along with Covid. For four months she has been house bound. She does not qualify for treatment becuase she is a foreigner (from India) and does not want to go back there (she is unfortunately a rape victim) are there any organsiations that can help my case???

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Hi @Uche, welcome to our forum.
Unfortunately I cannot help you or your gf at all.
Perhaps the Citizens Advice can advise your gf on her rights.
Take care both of you.

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Hi @Uche, we’re sorry to hear about your girlfriends situation. We can only imagine what she must be going through. I was wondering whether your girlfriend is registered with a GP or health care team here, we would recommend your girlfriend follow up with them if she is.

As Erica mentioned to seek advice and information from Citizens Advice Bureau around what support, treatment rights she has.

You may also find it helpful to get in contact with Doctors of the World advice line too: 0808 1647 686 (freephone) Contact Us - Doctors of the World

Has your girlfriend spoken to her healthcare team and hospital overseas team about her options, and sought their advice?

Just in case it’s of benefit to your girlfriend here is the support line for Rape Crisis 0808 802 999 Want to talk? | Rape Crisis England & Wales.

If we can be of any further support, our Support Services Team are always here: https://bloodcancer.org.uk/support-for-you/talk-blood-cancer.

Best Wishes