Sars Cov2 Vaccines

I’ve been watching Rob Swanda’s excellent explanation of how the vaccine works. It’s on YouTube. The vaccine seems to rely on the recipient making antibodies against a spike protein in Covid, and on B cell activation so I’d like to find out how effective it would be for me(73yo with follicular lymphoma). Good news that it also seems to activate T killer cells which don’t rely on antibodies. Any biochemists out there that can enlighten me further? I’m trying to learn as much as I can about this.@Strad


Hi @Strad, your post is certainly far too technical for me, perhaps one for your medical team!!!
We will be supporting each other on here through the holiday season, through Covid times and beyond.
I hope you are keeping well and staying safe.

Hi @Strad hope all is okay with you? We can only imagine with the ongoing news about the vaccines- it has understandably brought up many questions for our blood cancer community.

We explore in our recent blog here: The coronavirus vaccine: what people with blood cancer need to know | Blood Cancer UK what such information means in the context of a blood cancer diagnosis, which you may like to have a read through. Though just to say, Strad, we will be updating this blog as we come to know more about such vaccines.

And @Erica says, we would also always encourage people to talk to their treatment teams, for advice more tailored to their individual circumstances, they will always be in a good position given the full picture they have of you.

Please do keep reaching out if you have further questions or there’s anything further you’d like to talk through.


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Hi All, this is a thread very close to my heart as i am post SCT/AML and now have secondary immunodeficiency syndrome caused by the above, meaning i do not seem to make anti bodies, i am on weekly immunoglobulin infusions. I am now under both heamatology and immunology who have both given me a different answer to whether it is worth me having the vaccine. I made no anti bodies to previous vaccinations post SCT. So i am keen to understand more, its a minefield and sometimes i think with complex patients like us, there just isn’t a clear answer…

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Hi @trudiA. It sounds as though you have had a very rough time and I do hope you are feeling stronger at the moment.
Keep asking those questions…even though the answers are not clear yet. There is so much more that is known about Covid19 now than there was when we started shielding 9 months ago (seems much longer). I’m optimistic that the huge international research effort that’s going on at the moment will provide our medical teams with the information they need in the coming months. Meanwhile, do look after yourself…and keep asking the questions.

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Hi @Strad and @trudiA. Just wondered how you both were doing? Have you registered for the ‘Ask the Experts Session’ on the 6th January? Good place to ask all off your questions.

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