Spring 2024 booster

I’m the wife of someone with Waldenstrom’s. We found out about the spring booster programme by accident so have been doing reseach. On the gov website I’ve noticed this wording which I don’t recall seeing before If you have a severely weakened immune system your doctor may advise an extra dose 3 months after you have the spring vaccine. In the past he’s tried to get an additional jab on the basis that after 3 months efficacy wanes, but with no success.

Hi Martine, welcome to the forum! Is this the the page you were looking at A guide to the spring 2024 COVID-19 vaccination campaign - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

If you have not had all your vaccinations

If you have not yet had either of your first 2 doses of the vaccine (or a third dose for those with a weakened immune system) you should have a dose during the seasonal campaign.

If you are eligible and you have missed an earlier booster, you should have a dose this spring to catch up. Most people do not need extra doses to make up for those you have missed.

If you have a severely weakened immune system your doctor may advise an extra dose 3 months after you have the spring vaccine.

Our understanding is that this particular paragraph of information is for people who are immunocompromised but have missed previous boosters. Did your husband have the autumn 2023 booster?
You may find our vaccine webpage useful here to see what has been offered so far - Covid vaccine for people with blood cancer | Blood Cancer UK

Please do get in touch with us on 0808 2080 888 or support@bloodcancer.org.uk if you want to talk things through!


Yes, he’s had all 8 primary/boosters This is the page I meant, my apologies, I hadn’t spotted that it was only for those who who had missed boosters

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I think you and @Alice_BloodCancerUK may be talking at cross purposes here? The extract Alice refers to is what happens for people who haven’t had their full prior complement of vaccine jabs .

My understanding is that anyone with lymphoma which would include Waldenström macroglobulinaemia (WM), should indeed be eligible for a spring booster (as they would typically fall into the immunocompromised group, is that right @Alice_BloodCancerUK ie whether on watch and wait, in treatment or in remission? Although I know some GPs get confused on the detail!). NHS England launch booking for spring booster jabs via the NHS app on 15th April with slots available from 22nd April onwards.

I have LPL (Waldenström macroglobulinaemia (WM) is a form of LPL), and am expecting to be able to book for a spring booster jab after 15th April booking system launches (like you, this would be jab no. 9 for me).

Household members of lymphoma patients are sadly not eligible for a spring booster (so my husband has booked a private Covid jab for mid April)

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Hi, CaroleCW. No we’re talking about the same thing, I just misread the gov website which Alice quotes. We know my husband (who is the person with Waldenström macroglobulinaemia (WM)) is eligible for the spring booster, he’s had them all so far (as I said, 8 jabs) with no problem at all accessing them and is looking forward to no 9. I thought the gov website meant he could get an extra booster (i.e.10th jab) later in the year (i.e 3 months after the spring jab) before the (presumed) autumn booster (no 11!) which will be in approx 6 months- hence my point about efficacy waning. I too will be paying for a private vaccination, as that’s another way to keep him safe. I’m just grateful that we can afford it, and feel for those households who can’t.

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Thanks. I understand now :slight_smile:

@CaroleCW @Alice_BloodCancerUK Going through treatment

Just a heads up to all our forum friends–
I rec’d my invite for my Covid Spring Booster from GP this morning, and another prompt from NHS. App.

I’ve accepted my GP invite and await dates offered.
I responded to GP invite on basis of naive belief they will deliver as opposed to a NHS appointment miles away.

If you’ve not been invited as immunosuppressed/post 75 chase it!

Iain (Waldenstroms)

Thanks. Yes I got my invite too, luckily jabs being done at my GP surgery just 5 mins walk from home. Jab no. 9 for me.