Tier system covid

I felt the the Tier system gave people a false sense of security if you were in the “lower risk” areas. What were your thoughts on this, should we treat everyone the same or have Tiers?

Hi @anon06, I’ve no idea.

@anon06 I can see the logic of the tier system as some areas like Cornwall were being treated the same as high risk areas and their economy suffered unnecessarily but you have to mitigate that with the risk of people crossing from one area to another and bringing the virus with them. I think tiers could work with lower levels of virus but we proved conclusively before Christmas that they don’t work when the virus is on the rise. The whole thing ended up a mess though as it was perceived to be being applied unfairly by the government which made people less willing to follow the rules. Hopefully by the summer we won’t need tiers any more.

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