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Caring & supporting a loved one with blood cancer

Caring for or supporting someone with a blood cancer can be incredibly rewarding, but very challenging and difficult at times too. You can use this space to talk to others who are also caring for their loved ones or have experienced being a carer of someone affected by blood cancer in the past. Please do share your experiences and any suggestions that have helped make your life that little bit easier.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Feel free to use this category for anything related to Coronavirus. It’s an uncertain time, and people understandably may have worries and questions. Here we can support each other and offer practical tips around things such as looking after our well-being during these times.

Going through treatment

As treatment options can be very complicated and difficult to manage, people’s reactions to these can vary significantly. If you have any questions, concerns or stories that you wish to share then this is a space to have conversations with people who may have experienced something similar.

Worried you might have a blood cancer?

If you are worried about blood cancer, concerned about signs or symptoms or waiting for results of tests or scans to diagnose or rule out blood cancer, then this is a space for you to talk things through and get support from others.

Recent diagnosis

If you, or someone you know, have recently been diagnosed with blood cancer, then this is somewhere you can share any thoughts, feelings and concerns with people who have been where you are now.

General chat

This general chat section is a place for you to chat about anything you wish, so whether it’s something that doesn’t fit into any other topic, or something that’s completely unrelated to blood cancer, feel free to chat about it here.

Life after treatment

Leaving hospital and finishing treatment can be hugely uplifting, it can also trigger all sorts of other feelings and questions. Here is a space for you to share these with others who have been through or are going through something similar.

Living with and after blood cancer

You are so much more than just a blood cancer patient. This space is for you to talk to others about the practicalities of living with or after blood cancer, and share your story and experiences.

Losing someone to blood cancer general

This is a space for anyone who has lost a loved one to blood cancer. People cope with the loss of a loved one in such different ways, but some people find that talking about it with others who can understand what it’s like, can be of some support, and help them to remember that they’re not alone. You’re welcome to contribute in this open category, however due to the sensitive nature of this topic you can register onto the online community forum where you can access a private sub-category if you find this more comfortable.

Blood cancer voices: Help shape our work

We are committed to ensuring everything we do is meeting the needs of people affected by blood cancer. Because you are all experts in your own experiences, we are looking for your support to help us understand the issues you are facing. This space will be your opportunity to feed in and help shape our work.

Clinical Trials

This is a space to talk about Clinical Trials. If you have any questions, concerns or stories about Clinical Trials that you wish to share then this is a space to have conversations with people who may have experienced something similar.

Living with & after blood cancer as a young adult

This new category offers a space for young adults to chat to each other about any worries, concerns and challenges that being a young adult living with or beyond blood cancer can bring.

If treatment isn't working

This is a space for anyone who has been told that there may be no more treatment options for themselves or a loved one. Use this space to help each other through these difficult times, by talking things through, sharing experiences, and also, sharing tips and coping strategies around managing the practical and emotional pressures that can come with being told that treatment may not be working.

Watch and wait

If you have any questions or concerns about a watch and wait care pathway, or have suggestions and ideas that could help people manage, then this is a space to share them with other people who are in a similar situation to you.