Complimentary and Alternative therapies

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yes - continuing on from how you said you must have “eyes wide open,” say someone was trying alternative therapies as a final resort to almost prolong life in terminal condition as a “last resort” sort of method - it arguably could be unethical to charge such large sums for procedures with limited evidence of effectiveness to someone perhaps in an understandably fragile headspace?


A very interesting area but from my experience alternative therapies don’t work!Mind having said that nor do many of the hospital medications either! Cancer is basically operating at a genetic level and is therefore much more difficult to cure than most other ailments.Obviously the mind and body are interconnected and maybe the body generates consciousness but maybe it’s the other way around no way to know but either way it doesn’t seem very easy to alter the body using consciousness alone and believe my I’ve tried over the years as I’ve always had a keen interest in such matters long before I developed the Mycosis Fungoides lymphoma.For what it’s worth I tend to think that the universe is generated by consciousness not vice versa so I’d guess that makes me some kind of panpsychist shot through with panentheism!


Thank You this is all incredibly useful!


Very useful opinion - all of this is so helpful so thank you for taking the time to reply!
Sorry to hear about your diagnosis of Mycosis Fungoides Lymphoma and I wish you all the best with regards treatment.
I agree from witnessing treatments it’s a difficult decision to make - between gruelling hospital medications with many horrible side effects to control a relatively “uncontrollable” disease compared with less punishing yet less effective “alternative therapies” and the decisions people make between the two


Mycosis Fungoides is a skin lymphoma and in the early stages 1a to 2a generally misdiagnosed as ezecma or psoriasis, which isn’t as bad as it seems as they a treated in similar ways! However the problem comes when the person moves into stage 2b which is when the tumours form and in my case lead to the amputation of a finger!I tried all manner of trying to make it go using mind alone when I thought it was ezecma and sometimes it seemed to work for a bit but,you guessed it, back it came.It was a mystery to the doctors so they then amendmend the diagnosis to psoriasis but that was only for about a year and then the true more formidable cause came to light! Curiously some people don’t progress from stage 1a which has a near normal life expectancy(about 2 years less than normal) but about 30 percent do of which I’m one!Like most cancers it is insidious and moves into the lymphatic system and into the heavy organs at stage 4b with predictable results.It’s a small world and Mycosis Fungoides is only 6 people in a million yet my sister had a friend in the USA who died from stage 4a of this malignancy.


I would be interested in reading the protocol for your research