Fatigue on the increase

Dear Nicola,
I can reall sympathise with you regarding sinus problems, I was getting 5-6 a year which lead me to see an ENT Consultant privately and who eventually referred me to an Haematologist.
Incidentally about 4 years previously I had polyps, my gp at the time wouldn’t refer me and said they’d only grow back. I couldn’t breath properly through my nose.
Once again I went private, it transpired that I had a deviated septum also. Doc said he could fix that at the same time.
Oh great I though I can have a nose job, mine is rather large,
Alas that wasn’t the case as the removal only affects the interior of the nose, so I’m still stuck with the same conk👃
Polyps didn’t grow back though.
Your. sinus infections are possably due to your reduced immune system, mine were and I needed a great deal more than a weeks antibiotics to clear them up, up to 6 weeks or more depending on the severity.
One thing you could try is Sterimar, I get it on prescription but you can buy it over the counter.
It’s 100% natural micro diffused sea water completely free from any additives or preservatives.
I’m frequently bunged up and this does help.
It won’t affect any of the medication you’re on either.
Give it a try it may help give you some relief?:ok_hand:t2::rose:
A flower to cheer you up