ALL And being scared

How are you doing @Rammie18?

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Great news! Hope everything goes as well as it can for you, wishing all the very best with it all.
You might find this helpful to read through for some general info (feel free to get in touch with support line or message me on here if you would like a copy posted to you) -

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Hi Alice

Hope you are ok and lockdown 2 is treating you well…

I’m good thank you… no venesections since late sept and bloods seem to have settled. Haemotologist said I may go onto inferoron Alfa in about 6 weeks so doing my research into what to expect… school is ok… I’m still doing just 2 classes still… but I think both classes are enjoying having me back…

Got a few niggling pains with feet and calf’s don’t think it’s PV related but got an appt with gp on Mon to get it checked…

Hope things are good for you. Thanks for touching base… appreciate it :slight_smile:




Hi Rammie,

That’s really good to hear you’ve been doing okay and how lovely that your classes have enjoyed having you back!
And so sorry to hear about the pains in calves and your feet, but you’re doing absolutely the right thing getting it checked out. Hope you’re feeling okay about your GP appointment on Monday?

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Hi Su


Lovely hearing from you and hope you are ok and having a nice weekend.

Yeah I’m ok about the go appt however with amount of details they took over the phone it seems like it maybe taking place in my car in the car park :rofl:

I’ve kinda forgotten about my cancer as the I think the aches n pains are about something else and with covid it’s easy to be distracted… not sure if that’s s good thing or a bad thing really… but I’m doing ok. I guess my mind will be more on it when something changes