Appointment update

@Derma I think I would ask your consultant about that as I am not sure? I didn’t have any dental work done until I had been in remission for a year, I have just caught up and back in the swing of 6 monthly check ups, that probably doesn’t help much


Thank ypu i will ask when i see her in 6 weeks time.


Hi @Derma and @Suenew1967 this is a very personal response ,but I am very hot on keeping my teeth and oral hygiene clean.
So personally I go to my routine dental appointments, but I do not have hygienist appointments.
Because I am prone to infections I do not like any invasive.
The dentist wears a clear visor or mask…
Obviously I cannot wear a mask!!!
I reiterate what @Suenew1967 says to ask your consultant.
Please do let us know what she says and take care


Hi I spoke to someone early this evening on the phone about some missing information ie a nurse contact and the card to present if an emergency. The lovely lady I spoke to was going to send me an email with a contact name and number for my hospital. The missing paperwork was posted through my door just after our conversation so i now have what i needed - thank you. Norma


So glad @Derma that your phone call has resolved your issue.
Look after yourself.