Blood Cancer UK Involvement Opportunity

We are starting a piece of work to develop a peer to peer support service. To do this we are are putting together a working group of around five people affected by blood cancer who will design and co-produce this peer to peer support service, for people with blood cancer, by January 2023. This working group will be involved throughout the entirety of the project. This will involve taking part in a planning meeting, two workshops with Blood Cancer UK, to discuss and scope ideas and a maximum of two subsequent ideation sessions, to design and develop the service. These will be online sessions.

If you want to be involved or you’re interested in hearing more, please get in touch with Alice at by Friday 22nd July. If you don’t have the capacity to be in our working group, but would like to be involved in the project by attending one of our workshops please also let us know. We are particularly keen to hear from from people from marginalised communities in any capacity.

Thank you!


Hi Alice,

I would be interested in helping with this. I am available most days except Tuesday and Wednesday up to 2pm.

Kind regards


Hi Alice,

I would be interested in supporting with this. I do not work Friday’s so this would be the best day for me.


I’ve just joined the forum but the date has passed or I would have gotten involved… I’m housebound so plenty of time on my hands to go over and sort things however dates passed as mentioned but if I can do anything to help just message Alice


Hello @Mal-T
Thank you for your offer of help.
There are often opportunities to be involved with BCUK, to help shape our work and involvement with the wider blood cancer community.
Please do keep checking on the Forum, as Alice will post when new projects come up.
Would you mind telling us what your diagnosis is? I am asking this as we are still looking for people with certain blood cancers, to have input into our patient information booklets.
Many Thanks,

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