Claiming PIP with CMML

Hello again, I was recently told that my other half might qualify for PIP now that he has been diagnosed with Chronic myelomonocytic leukaemia (CMML) because initially it was believed that he could be fast tracked. however, this is not the case.

I thought about it for a few weeks, and as I was being nagged by members of my own family who know his situation, I called the DWP and arranged to have the forms sent in the post. They have now arrived. But I really don’t know how he would qualify for this benefit. I think the only reason he might qualify for this benefit is because he is on the autistic spectrum, although he does not know this, and has never had a diagnosis, it is unlikely that he will ever realise that he needs one as he has no suspicion that his behaviour is in any way different which would scupper any chance that he would get awarded PIP for this.

His idea of cooking a meal has always been open a packet/box or tin put it in the oven or a saucepan, heat and then serve, and he would happily live on Ready meals, tins of soup or even sandwiches, he is capable of eating food without aids, he can wash his own body, or go to the toilet unaided, he is more than capable of walking more than 200m.

He believes he manages his own medication, although I have seen him make mistakes but he does not acknowledge these as a problem.

He believes he can manage his own finances, although I have repeatedly got him out of sticky situations with money over the years as he was unable to do this for himself.

He does not read properly and often miss reads words even to the point of totally changing their meaning, I used to believe it was because he may be dyslexic However, now I don’t really know, it could be a lack of practice, or laziness, or a learning disability.

He can’t cope with changes to his routine and goes into depressions or has tantrums whenever these happen, this obviously can sometimes look like he’s being aggressive.

He doesn’t always listen to what he’s being told and very often will make things up that you have not said and is totally convinced that his made up truth is the truth.

He does not ask appropriate questions and will waffle about irrelevancies, doing this stops him remembering what was being discussed and also stop him answering the questions that he’s been asked. He cannot understand that he does not behave normally, and cannot see when other people do behave normally, that is what they’re doing. I suppose it’s a case of “oh look everyone’s out of step except me”

Obviously, it is me that will have to fill in the pip form, and I feel damned if I do and damned if I don’t, if I tell the truth he won’t recognise this, should it come to a face-to-face assessment he would totally contradict everything I have written in the form and get me into serious trouble with the DWP for making a fraudulent claim because it will just look like I have lied throughout the form.

What the heck am I supposed to do? fill in the form tell the truth and possibly get damned? or fill in the form how he sees it and get nothing?