Diagnosed with marginal zone lymphoma

Things are starting to move quickly, which is really positive, I had my leg mould made this morning and then a ct planning scan, although I was only there a few hours I feel absolutely shattered , radiotherapy is going to start on the 11th Jan for 2.5 weeks, then watch and wait, although it’s daunting in a strange way I’m looking forward to starting treatment, I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas

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Personally @Lesley1 I can really agree with feeling absolutely shattered, for me it is emotional tiring as well as being physically and practically.
I also feel so much better when I have a plan.
Yes, Happy Christmas xx


@Erica, yes having a plan has really helped me, I wasn’t at all prepared for how shattered I would feel, I’ve had a nap and feel much better for it

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Oh, I often feel shattered and better for a nap too @Lesley1 !!

Definitely better when you have a plan!
Please keep us posted on how you are doing :blush:

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