Finding a new normal

I have always, fortunately, been on watch and wait but my life has changed since diagnosis. I was going through life on auto pilot with a life plan mapped out. Since diagnosis I have organised what I can and my husband laughs at me as I have got my will and music for my funeral sorted, which I do not feel is morbid, but organised. We have moved to a flat so I have really de-cluttered and downsized and I try to dispose of something every time I buy something
I really appreciate everything in life, the simple things like nature and architecture. My family and friends a the most important thing for me. My music comes a close second. I try to live in the day and I really appreciate life. I do more things for myself and I actually spend some money on myself now which I never allowed myself to do before. I eat healthier, with some treats, and get fresh air and exercise. If I feel tired or fatigued I do have a little nap. I do not care what I look like and I love my Zumba classes and pilates. I talk and smile at everyone, people are so important. I try to look at things positively, not negatively, and I am really grateful and appreciate every day.