Hydroxycarbamide advice

I’ll be 79 in a few weeks time (I hope!!) and have been on hydroxycarbamide for CALR positive ET for 10 years. No side effects apart from brittle nails, and having inherited my grandfather’s hair, don’t even show much age related male pattern baldness! If my prostate had not gone rogue, I would have expected to be almost completely fit. Obviously can’t promise you anything, but just don’t worry; the chances are you’ll be fine.


I was concerned about my hair too - it has thinned a little but only a little and I’m the only one to notice. As I’m 72 it could be age related. I started Hydroxycarbamide 2 years ago and take 12 tablets a week with no side effects. All my symptoms have improved and generally I feel so much better


Thank you ,thank you. Please keep the comments coming. You are definitely helping!!!

Sammy x


Hi @Jacqui great to hear from you, how are you doing?
Take lots of care

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