Just been diagnosed with cml

I have CML which was diagnosed six years ago.
My initial feelings were all about how to tell my husband when he came to the hospital where I had been overnight.
Then because it was Christmas in three days about how I could tell my three grown up children over Christmas.
Then it was about how I would be letting my daughter down with baby and toddler care.
Then I decided to be a ‘one week wonder’ and tell a few good friends who could spread the word so that everyone in my golf club knew so that I was not continually explaining.
I did not think about me at all.
(I had been a head of department in a Secondary School so I think now that I just went to my default ‘organiser’ role.)
Once all that was over I was so fatigued because of the chemo that I just settled down to sleeping snoozing and pottering and let the world sort itself out!!
The childcare was taken over by the other wonderful grandmother who drove for 50 minutes to get here every week. I will be eternally grateful to her. I could rest easy.
I was then very lucky because despite it being a rare cancer I was told about another golf club member who had the exact same CML. She was 8 years ahead of me but became my phone and email buddy and was so faithful. I did not find this group until much later but she was a great support to me. I know that when Covid reared it’s ugly head we were a big support to each other all over again. This forum means so much to me and others of you, that can help us keep calm and listened to.