Living with a cancer that won't die

Thank you so much Nirroc! I appreciate the kind words ! I’ll certainty keep fighting and glad I shared my blog x

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and sure I’ll take a look


No, I’ve not. I might give it a go sometime!


Hello @Nirroc,

Thank you for sharing so much of your wisdom David. You mentioned a little bit about cancer is surrounded by a cloak of mystery and caring for someone with the disease can often feel alone. How did you manage this situation with your friends and family?

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Having wisdom is not something generally attributed to me! I believe it is very important to be completely open with friends and family about your condition and how you are coping with it and the treatment. One of the most powerful statements that an individual can say about anything is “I feel”. There is the old adage that a problem shared is a problem halved and that is certainly true about cancer. There is no stigma about getting cancer particularly as 1 in 2 people are likely to suffer with it in some form or other. Besides being open and honest about the disease and treatment helping the sufferer, the information that they impart can possibly help someone else recognise when they may have a problem and as has been well demonstrated early diagnosis is often key to obtaining a good treatment outcome.

Human nature being what it is some people, a minority, do not react well to being told about cancer and it’s treatment but most people respond well to being given the information and will strongly empathise with the patient. In all the time I have had the disease I have not hidden anything from my friends and family and that is the same route I am following as I am about to commence a further round of treatment. I have found people have generally responded well to the information and there is no doubt that I feel good because I am not hiding anything and trying to pretend that everything is ok.


Hi Nick, I think knowing the true facts etc. is far better than my mind imagining ALL sorts of things. My mind just goes into overdrive imagining. You will never do right by all your family, friends and colleagues. Please keep posting.


Hi @Nirroc I know you wrote this a few (many!) months ago but I reread it today and it was very powerful, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and feelings. I can imagine many people coming to the forum living with a chronic or incurable blood cancer will relate strongly to your posts. Thank you.

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Hi Dawn

Thank you for your kind comments. Whilst you are correct that I wrote it some months ago the sentiments are as valid now as when it was composed.

Another blog is already forming in my mind although all I have is the title at the moment “Here we go again”. I think it will probably appear in the next 3 to 4 months and will probably be written whilst I have my next Stemcell transplant.

Kind regards



I look forward to reading it, and I hope your next stem cell transplant goes well! Please do let us know how you are, we as a community are here if you need to talk or find support.

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Hi David, yes, I really look forward to your next blog and please let us know what is what is going on for you and how you are feeling.