Ruxolitinib - have you received this medication?

Have you received the drug Ruxolitinib for polycythemia vera (PV)? If so, we would greatly appreciate the opportunity to briefly speak with you regarding your experience.

Ruxolitinib is currently undergoing appraisal for use on the NHS in Scotland. As a designated ‘Patient Expert’, Bloodwise have been invited to provide the patient’s perspective to the appraisal process. We know that a single patient’s voice can make a real impact on the outcome of an SMC drug appraisal.

We would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you briefly to ask a few simple questions. If you would like to help us in this important process, or have any additional questions, please contact the Bloodwise Policy Team by 26/08 by e-mail or telephone (020 7504 2229) and tell us your story.

Please note, we will not include your name or personal details in our submission. Please also feel free to forward this call to others to aid our response.

Thank you for your invaluable contribution!

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