Shielding coming to the end

How are everyone feeling about the end of shielding (UK) or things starting to open up in other countries?

A. It’s not going to change much but I may do more outside garden visits etc.

B. cant wait to also do things like an outside pub garden. But I won’t do anything indoors.

C. I’m going to go shopping again, return to work if relevant, meet people indoors and essentially do whatever anyone else is allowed to do.

D. I am scared because I feel under pressure to work or do certain other things (eg by family members) and don’t know what to do to try and escape this. My employer won’t let me work from home or extend my furloughing.

And bonus question about antibodies testing lost vaccine .

  1. I don’t see the need to do one
  2. I will definitely do one even if it means I have to pay privately.
  3. I have done one already and it was positive.
  4. I have done one already and it was negative.

I am a B - 3 myself but my antibodies come from the man made infusion that’s in a clinical trial. Even tho I have loads of antibodies can’t imagine going back into a shop or anywhere else crowded and/or poorly ventilated for a LONG time!

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