Survey time! Shielding in Scotland? The Scottish Government want to hear from you! (now closed)

Good afternoon forum family!
Happy Friday to everyone- hope you’re all doing okay?

We are just reaching out to our lovely members who are shielding and living in Scotland. Firstly, we’re hope you’re all okay! And we wondered if you might be able to help?

The Scottish Government have got in touch, and let us know that their user researchers have just put together a survey and are really keen to hear from those who are shielding in Scotland. They hope feedback from the survey will help them better understand what is important to those of you who are shielding.

So your input will no doubt be invaluable, this is especially so as they continue to develop the next steps for shielding. The survey is open until Wednesday 8th July.

Here is the link to it just below, there is further information about the survey via this link too, after you have read through and are happy- just scroll down to continue with the survey :smiley::

They have also suggested just a few things you’re encouraged to think about when give your feedback:

  • How do you feel about the latest changes to shielding in Scotland?

  • Are you getting the support you need?

:timer_clock: The survey takes about 15 minutes to complete

Please do shout if there are any questions!

Warm wishes from The Blood Cancer UK support team :heart:

Su, can you share on FB Bloodwise and Ambassador pages as there are others who do not come on here. Thanks


@Pisces56 of course! :blush:

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I would dearly like to see, all devolved governments act as one, instead of the inevitable politics which is now being played out. One whole, is better than four quarters. This is such a serious ‘National’ matter, and a ‘Covid Coalition’ should have been instigated, with the Prime Minister in charge. After all he is the democratically elected PM of the UK Government. Forget the ‘Independence’ issue, and think of the people, they are more important at the moment.

Had a look at this when it first appeared, but apparently it’s ONLY for people who have had the shielding letter/email/whatever. Never got one, so have relied on my reading of the relevant medical literature and doing my own risk assessment. Despite no letter, I am much happier with the reasoned advice that is coming out from Edinburgh than the bluster that is evident elsewhere. We ARE being treated like adults, even if a significant minority are not behaving as such!

Hi @Vindicatrix a big warm welcome to our online community forum! We hope you are doing okay?

We really do appreciate people sharing their thoughts and experience, so firstly, thank you so much.

As @Vindicatrix you say, it’s so understandable for things to become challenging when there are some variations between the four nations. Though we hope we can reassure you that as a charity, we will continue to do everything we can ensure the needs of the blood cancer community are met, so please do keep reaching out to us and let us know how you are getting on.

In the meantime @Vindicatrix welcome! we really hope you enjoy being part of our community, and don’t be afraid to ask if there’s anything you need or any questions you have :slight_smile:


@DickM it’s really good to hear from you! We hope all is well with you?
We’re really sorry to hear about the letter, but it’s very reassuring to hear you are feeling okay within yourself, we hope also that there has been opportunities to speak to your treatment team for more clarity and tailored advice.

Thank you again @DickM and please do keep reaching out for support

Don’t worry about me! At least not on the blood cancer front - other family problems are more difficult, but not for this forum. Given the pressures on Governments from business interests, political opportunists and the like, their compromise advice is unlikely to be specially tailored to our particular needs, hence my feeling that we have to make our own decisions, helped by the rest of our community and by the advice of “our” specialists. But on balance, I would prefer the cautious and measured response of our Government in Edinburgh to gung ho advocates of opening up the economy at all costs.

@DickM Of course, we’re always here to support you, but there’s any never any pressure at all to share anything you’re not comfortable with or would rather talk through else where- that’s absolutely fine :+1: And thank you so much again, we always do really appreciate you sharing your feedback :+1: Take care @DickM and keep safe