Taking supplements after chemotherapy

Can anyone advise on if it’s ok to take glucosamine, Are there any supplements than can be beneficial after chemotherapy. Thanking you in advance for any response

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Hi @JoanieC and welcome to the forum family.
With regards to your question I would say that’s one for you medical team. I’ve copied in @GemmaBloodCancerUK and @TanyaBloodCancerUK who may be able to offer some advice.
How are you doing? Had your treatment finished now? I look forward to hearing more about you :blush:

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@Nichola75 is correct. Best take it from someone medically more knowledgeable. I think it may be different for everyone. Nobody gave me any such advice after my chemo or talked about diet and lifestyle at all, so I was left to find my own way but I hope you are able to speak to someone who may help.


Hello @JoanieC, thank you for posting and welcome to the Forum. I would advise to always check with you Haematology Doctor about any supplements post treatment as they are best placed to consider this alongside your blood counts and treatment history. I general, a well balanced diet with exercise (at your own pace) is recommended after treatment. We have some webpages that may be useful about life after treatment Blood cancer: after treatment | Blood Cancer UK with a living well section that gives good suggestions Living well with blood cancer | Blood Cancer UK
Do get in touch if you need any further support How to contact Blood Cancer UK | Blood Cancer UK
Kind regards