3rd Cancer

Oh @art305 Some of the things on warning instructions are absolutely unbelievable.
Look after yourself!!!

Hi @art305 . I hope your rollercoster has come to a flat bit and gives you time to breath and take everything in. It is horrible to go through the cancer diagnosis over and over. I have had three breast cancers and CML diagnosis. There have been days when i I have said oh no not again. Each time i go to a doctor and they say they need to check further “due to my history”. I have had a full panel of genetics tests which as always gave a very rare and unexpected gene mutation that explains the breast cancer and leaves me at higher risk of thyroid cancer. More tests to check for that.
I have stayed active through everything. I walk and go to the gym when i feel it is safe to go. You will find the spirit again to keep going but there will be rubbish days. I understand and so will others. Feel free to vent and shout.

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Hi @Chrispy you have certainly had more than your fair share of roller coasters, diagnosis, tests, treatments and I am glad to hear that you are keeping yourself as fit as possible.
Don’t we all need a good vent now and then
Look after yourself

Your life and family sound very good suppoet hold on to that
Life is certainly challenge and xan be so unfair
Dont hold yourself back
Get up everyday go out there and do thinga you never done before
Our diagnosis ate out of our hands so we do unfortunately have to get on qith things that life throws out us but always remembwr we are here in this forum to gwt all these things off our chest
A safe place for a.moan groan to people qe dont really know but understand where we are coming from

We are here together all dealing with different things
Pressures stress consitiona treatments diagnosis but we are still here that the best thing we can get up everyday and deal with something else or go do something adventures which makes us feel better but never feel alone cos we have bloodcancer uk ànd each other

You look after yourself