A positive since diagnosed 💞

Hello everyone!

As I do a blog on my cancer, I thought it may be a good idea to have some smiles!
There’s a lot on people suffering/diagnoses, and the suport people get on here is just fantastic !:revolving_hearts:

But I wanted to make a topic for everyone to share some positive thoughts/things since being diagnosed…

I’ll start with a couple

  1. I recently started a new career, at the hospital that saved my life twice last year - the hours are better for chemo, and I don’t wake up as much to be sick anymore with my chemo being earlier :muscle:
    Also I feel much happier at home

  2. I got engaged to the love of my life in Disneyland

  3. I’m filming for Bloodwise on my one year cancer anniversary on April the 13th
    To help young people and I’m so excited

Share yours :revolving_hearts::heart_eyes::+1:


Hi Leanne @LeanneCMLx What a lovely idea. Congratulations on your new job and your engagement. I hope the filming goes well.
My reasons to be cheerful:

3 fabulous children and 4 gorgeous grandchildren

Celebrating our ruby wedding anniversary this month by visiting some friends and family on a road trip to Yorkshire, Beamish and Ambleside (and stopping at our favourite hotels)

Having an amazing husband who does his best to keep my spirits up when I am having a bad day, having stuck by me when going through all my treatment, and now dealing with my long-term effects. He has also supported me in my Bloodwise volunteer work

Keep smiling :heart_eyes:

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Hi Leanne and @Pisces56, gosh Leanne what positive, exciting changes since your diagnosis and @Pisces56 your ruby wedding anniversary trip sound absolutely brilliant with your very special husband. My positive since diagnosis is the way it has made me look at my life and I am far less materialistic now and I know what is important to me and I think the best things in life are free. My family and friends and Bloodwise family are definitely priceless and my music, nature and architecture etc. are free and brilliant for a nosey person like me when I go walking. I shall definitely keep smiling.


Lovely idea Leanne :smiley:

Look forward to reading peoples positive stories!

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Lovely idea! I feel I have a better understanding of myself now. And what I need from life. I have made more room in my life for those I love - we never know what might happen on the turn of a penny and I want to spend more time with those I love. I fret less about little things, and things generally. It was a wake up call.