About to start treatment with Calquence

Hi @Ellen49,
I hope you are doing okay today? I’m pleased you have opened up this conversation and I hope you are able to meet others who have experience with Calquence ( Acalabrutinib) also.
It is really understandable to be feeling worried about starting any new drug. The unknown really can be the worst enemy.

As others have already suggested, keeping the lines of communication open with your treatment team can be really helpful. We would encourage you to ask them any and all the questions you have about the proposed drug and try not to hold back if you are feeling worried about anything.

I wanted to share with you a couple of a previous conversations from the past 2 years which offers some insight and also links to some useful tips-
Acalabrutinib treatment - Going through treatment - Blood Cancer UK Online Community Forum
Acalabrutinib - Going through treatment - Blood Cancer UK Online Community Forum.

Should you prefer to talk things through, please do know that our support team is always on hand for you now & into the future- Blood cancer information and support by phone and email | Blood Cancer UK

Best Wishes, Lauran