Access to anit virals

What is the general procedure for accessing anti virals from when you register lft as positive? Ive heard of problems regarding delsys & red tape

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Hi @anon06. From reading the posts, there were a number of ways we accessed them.
I reported my results on line and got a call within a couple of hours. Some contacted their GP and others their haematology team who sorted it out for them.
Mine was a while ago and I’m not sure if reporting it online is still a path to follow. I will copy in @BloodCancerUK_Nurses as well.
This is the latest information from BCUK


Has there been any news on the trials involving Sotrovimab as a preventative
if not when should we expect them? What are the differences between Sotrovimab and Evusheld.

By Preventative what does Sotrovimab actually do?
My understanding is that preventative means antibody.

Why is there more hype about Evusheld comprrd to Sotrovimab?
Please enlighten us more about Sotrovimab?


Hi @anon06, thank you for your questions, and I do hope you’re doing okay. Nichola has shared our webpages that go through the process to access an eligibility assessment for the covid treatments. This entails registering a positive test either online or by calling 119, and we then recommend speaking with 111, and one’s GP or hospital team. There is a link to the eligibility criteria within the webpage.

Sotrovimab is an antibody treatment given to someone who is positive for covid and is deemed eligible for it after their assessment. Evusheld is a preventative antibody treatment. It can be used to prevent people with blood cancer from getting covid.

In case it’s useful at all, our website has up-to-date information about Evusheld, the covid treatments, and how antibody/antiviral treatments work ( Antibody and antiviral treatments for people with blood cancer | Blood Cancer UK.

I hope this is helpful.

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Thank you very much Tanya👍


Also has there been any results on this trial

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Looks like end date is 2024

“Effective start/end date 1/02/22 → 31/01/24”


Hello @anon06
There has not been updates to our knowledge but we will keep a close watch on this and feed
back to the community.
Take care