Anxiety is killing me

Oh @dmcjas22 Yes I got the shock, shaking and cold about 46 yrs ago and it was a kidney infection.
My son was about 2yrs old and I can still see him running backwards and forwards and jumping up and down at the end of my bed in a blur and I just could not physically get up and put him into his bed. He had a turquoise all in one sleep suit on (which I must have got him into).
We were not on the phone then and this was pre mobiles and I just felt too ill to get to a phone box.
Also the guilt I felt as that was the first time in his life that I had put him to bed without bathing him.
I don’t think much of your new side effects either, yes, weird.
The main thing is that you really look after yourself and be kind to yourself


Oh my goodness, @dmcjas22 - I"m really sorry to hear you’ve got a kidney infection. They are SO painful and make you extremely poorly. I had one at uni, and the GP was useless, so I travelled hundreds of miles on a coach to get home, shivering and shaking and hallucinating, and having terrible red hot poker stabbing pains in my side. One of the worst pains I’ve ever experienced - you really do have my sympathy. I wonder if that has been brewing for a few weeks, and rumbling away in the background getting worse, and thus how you’ve been feeling? That would explain a lot of things.

The good news is that they’re very treatable with antibiotics, and by drinking plenty of water. Great that you got to hospital and they identified it. Hopefully the antibiotics will kick in soon and you will feel better quickly.

Everything crossed that this is the primary cause of your symptims, and that you’ll soon be on the mend.

Take care, and really take it easy.


Guys amazing news my bloods have normalised rbc is normal, platelets are 135 to steadily going back up signs of infection which is my kidney infection been referred to long covid centre and have to wear a heart monitor for a week.

I see the ent on the 11th to make sure but its looking very good you guys have been amazing and i thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support :slight_smile: and i wish you all the very best health ill be keeping intouch to see how you all doing :slight_smile:


That is amazing news @dmcjas22, I am so happy for you.
Good luck at the ENT.
Look after yourself.

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Oh @dmcjas22, I’m so pleased (and relieved!) to hear that! Brilliant news!

Hope you’re getting better on the kidney infection front? I’m sure that will take a few days yet.

And interesting that you have been referred to the long covid clinic. Long covid would certainly explain a lot - fatigue, your poor appetite, continuing low mood etc. A friend of mine has it, and it’s been a long journey for her (but she IS getting better.) Fingers crossed you’re clear though.

I bet you feel a bit battered by the twists and turns of these investigations into your health. Hope you take it easy, and yes - let us know how you get on.

All the very best.

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Thank you you @Erica and you too, and yes! 100% i am so glad still more investigations to be done but lets hope its just this horrible virus, the kidney infection is starting to get slightly better and they investigating me for svt or pots so will keep you posted on that front hope you are all doing well :slight_smile:


Good luck, @dmcjas22, and keep in touch if you’d like to.


Sorry its been a little while my head went into a little bit of a mess,

So i had my blood specialist consultation and she says she is not worried about a thing, everything has returned to normal more than likely anaemia and malnourishment whilst i mourned the death of a loved one.

through this nightmare i quit smoking and do feel like i have a second chance at alot now, going to live life to the max even looking at a new career thank you so much for your understanding and support through this most scary moments of my life so far i hope everyone of you keeps fighting and winning :slight_smile:


@dmcjas22 no need to apologise! Really glad to hear this update, you sound really positive and reassured. All the very best to you!


Oh @dmcjas22 that is really great news, yes, it has given you a chance for reflection and what you want out of life. Look after your wellbeing and go for it

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it’s awesome that you’ve taken positive steps like quitting smoking and embracing this second chance. Wishing you all the best as you explore new possibilities and live life to the fullest!

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Hi @LeDrudkh so good to hear from you, how are you doing?
I look forwrd to hearing more about you and how you are doing?
Look after yourself and keep posting