High platelets levels

I am 28 years old. I have fibromyalgia,Chonic fatigue syndrome, and over the last 3-4 years I have constant infection from chest infection, colds coughs , virals infection , conjunctivitis , tonsillitis too. I’ve had Covid 5 times.
I am under haematologist for high platelets they have been 600 plus 2 weeks ago, at 658 my white blood cells have been high too, also my iron levels are boarder line too.
I’ve just had a bone marrow boispy on Friday. Absolutely In alot of pain right now from having it done.

My main question is could
It be a form of cancer as my uncle passed away from lung cancer last year. I’m worried


Hi @Hay95 welcome to our forum.
You have just had a bone marrow biopsy which hopefully will give more answers toward a diagnosis to rule more conditions in or out.
You have shown so clearly that we are complex individuals with unique medical histories which makes diagnosis even more complex.
Perhaps losing your uncle last year to lung cancer makes it even more anxious making for you. however I think it is very natural to be anxious anyway.
Look after yourself and be very kind to yourself, you are in pain and naturally anxious and waiting and not knowing I think is horrible
Please do let us know how you get on

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Thank you. I am back in work on Monday as I work in as school I’ve asked to to inside break and take it easy. It going to be very hard.
It worrying.


Welcome @Hay95 . I’m sorry to hear you are going through all this. :sunflower:

While I can’t speak to your particular symptoms, I just wanted to share what my hematologist told me, that chronic lymphocytic leukemia, at least, was probably unlinked to my family history of cancer, it’s a different matter. I don’t know if that applies to other types of blood cancer or not. I am still very new to all this myself, so if someone more knowledgeable disagrees, I hope they correct what I said.

Isn’t it good, though, to live in the modern age where these tests are available and we can get a clear answer and then many different treatment options. :people_hugging: This forum is here for you and very friendly.


Thank you. I am more worried that it could be cancer


That’s understandable. I hope you have your answer soon.


Hey there @Hay95, welcome to the forum. I’m so sorry to read of all those nasty sounding illnesses you’re living with. Any of those alone must be very difficult, and all that COVID-19! You must be very resilient to be advocating for yourself now with your worries about cancer after so much illness.

I totally agree with @Erica in how she describes the blood cancers we have and their various side effects as being very unique to each of us. I’ve noticed that others on here with Polycythaemia vera (PV) like myself have quite varied experiences.

How @Calathea puts it is so true, that we are fortunate to have easy access to tests that can diagnose us and treatments. The waiting for results can be hard, but at least we’re likely to get a timely result at all, right?

Your fear of an amorphous sort of terrifying cancer is understandable—living with one is really scary! However, if you get diagnosed with a form of cancer after your bone marrow biopsy then you’ll find there is lots of support. Each type of cancer is represented by people on here who know how it is to live with these blood disorders. There are also trained blood cancer nurses to offer advice should you want any.

So I’d say, try to think positive while you await any diagnosis, and try not to randomly google blood cancers before you know if you have one! No need to unnecessarily worry yourself. But please let us know how your test results are.


Thank you… I have to wait 3 weeks for my result now.
Long wait for me.
Just with all my symptoms I’m having seem to me it pointing in the direction of cancer: I don’t feel right in myself. Even recently starting with more aches and bone pain which is new for me it a new pain. I have fibromyalgia but this isn’t my fibromyalgia I know my fibromyalgia pain and this is a different pain than that.
Just so worryingz I’m only 28


That is a long wait. Time to find a diverting hobby! Hiking helps me. The wait for results can vary a lot depending on where your local haematology department is and the labs they use. My dad waited months!

I can empathise with your fears. I found out from a blood test telling me I was positive for the JAK2 gene mutation, which I read was the case for 95 % of people diagnosed with Polycythaemia vera (PV). So obviously I was worried while I awaited diagnosis after a bone marrow biopsy like yourself. It seemed like forever!

But actually, for me, the Polycythaemia vera (PV) diagnosis was a kind of relief as it made sense of many symptoms and illnesses I’d had prior. Hopefully whatever results are found from your biopsy should help you figure out better treatments for your overall health.


I am negative for JAK2 and the mutation too But that don’t mean much thought does it.


Indeed there are many, many gene mutations. It’s great you don’t have the JAK2 one, one less thing to worry about I’d say.

At stressful times like this it’s really helpful to lean on any loved ones. Reaching out on a forum like this is great too as we all know that dreaded wait.

As for your youth, you are not alone in being young and living with such difficult health concerns. Many on this forum are around your age. But no matter our age we all share the same sorts of anxieties, especially around awaiting test results.

There are many years ahead of you where science can catch up and figure out treatments. For example, the main medicine for my disorder was only approved of in the last decade or so.