Raising platelets should i be worried

I have had raising platelets for years since i had my spleen removed in 2012 (I have Hereditary spherocytosis) which is why i had my spleen removed.
Since 2012 my platelets have been raising for the last five years, last year my platelet were in there 600’s and my recent blood work showed them at 738.
My white blood count is 12.4
My GP has been great and i have had loads of blood tests to check my kidneys, diabetes etc and i’ve just had Jak-2 and a BCL-ABL and ferritin test just over a week now, not sure how long it takes for the results to come in.
My blood pressure has been raising too over the last few years and i am on 2 lots of medication for this as it been 160/110 for the last few months it’s now coming down to a normal range.
How long does it take for the test to come back?

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Hi @GemT and welcome to the forum. Now, that’s an question for a Tuesday morning. I would hope your test results wouldn’t take too long, however I know it varies from person to person and depends on the test. Has you GP given you any idea of when they expect them to arrive back?
I know that a lot of us on the forum find the waiting so difficult - especially when you are waiting for quite a few. It sounds like you have a lot going on all of a sudden and I can imagine that’s hard. How have you been?


Hello Gem sorry to hear you have not been too good and the higher platelets - I know this period of finding out what’s going on is a difficult one - you certainly have an excellent GP to order in-depth and good blood tests for higher platelets as often that doesn’t happen til you are under a hospital haematology team ! Ferritin test should come back quickly, the Jak-2 etc can take longer so just check with GP how long they expect. Ferritin great to check as low levels of this element of iron bumps up platelet levels high and is easily solved by high dose iron treatment! The other tests are more in the areas of what many here live with and once you get your results we can point you in the right direction of support. As you may gather I am a high platelet person, I have something called an MPN which your Jak-2 test will be looking at. It may take some time to get a clear picture for you but once you have good help will be available to help you get those platelets lower and feeling easier. Keep us posted !


Hi @GemT, a great big welcome and I am glad that you have found us.
As others have said tests results take varying times to come back and that many of us find that the waiting time is the hardest.
I think that we are also such complex beings and nothing is straight forward, also the same symptoms can be differing conditions.
We are here to support you through this and if you would like to talk to someone you can contact the Support Services Team on 0808 2080 888 (Mondays: 10am-7pm, Tuesdays-Fridays: 10am-4pm, Saturday, Sundays and Bank Holidays: 10am-1pm) or via email at support@bloodcancer.org.uk.
The main thing you can do is to be kind to yourself and look after yourself.
Please keep updating us.



Did you know that you can access your blood test results as soon as they are assessed?

If you download the NHS app and then given written consent to your GP to give access to your medical records you’ll be able to see recent and past blood tests ordered through your GP.

I have regular blood tests and though I’m no expert in interpreting them… I am being more knowledgeable which makes me more confident to ask questions and query things they mayve missed.

It’s super easy to do and may ease the waiting game… esp with backlog and demands of GPS with things opening up

Just a thought :slight_smile:


Thanks, already done, @Rammie18, thanks to you.

Thank you I didn’t know you could do that so i’ll do that straight away.


No my GP hasnt giving me a date he just said they can take a while to come back.

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Thank you everyone for you help and i will keep you posted on my blood results.
I know everyone is different and has different experiences and symptoms.
At the moment i am feeling very tired and in lot of pain especially my knees and feet, I have started writing down daily dairy of my symptoms to report back to my GP as he has been amazing.


Hi @GemT a brilliant idea to write a diary of your symptoms and how you are feeling.
I have also found it is a good chance to write your questions down, otherwise I come away from an appointment wishing I had asked something.
Take care

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Fyi… I don’t work for the NHS app…

I just find it really interesting what all the numbers mean :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


How are you doing @GemT?