Asking a question about the onset of blood cancer

Hello my daughter who is 52 this year has for a long time had pain in her knee. She had an mri scan 2 weeks ago. No blood tests. Friday evening her gp called to say there were abnormalities in her blood and went on to ask if there was any member of the family that had blood cancer. This has freaked us all out. Can an mri scan show blood problems ? Thanks for any help you can give


Hey there @Danny, welcome to the forum. What a caring dad you are, your daughter is fortunate to have you looking out for her.

While I can tell you’re worried, I’d say try not to for now. Your daughter probably has a few tests and some waiting to go before any diagnosis can be made. Sounds like your daughter’s doctor is asking the sorts of questions that can lead them to figuring out what might be happening with her, rather than letting you know it’s blood cancer. So for now, I’d say don’t assume or believe it’s a blood cancer.

If I may reassure you as someone living with blood cancer, I’ve been told time and time again by haematologists that blood cancers are very unlikely to be hereditary. Unsure why your daughter’s GP would ask that, better to wait till a doctor who specialises in blood disorders checks your daughter.

There are many types of blood cancer that generally fall within 3 groups, and blood tests and other analysis of blood cells like a bone marrow biopsy can be done to check. I haven’t heard of MRIs finding blood cancers. The ‘cancer’ in blood cancers are gene mutations that affect blood cells (rather than tumours), and blood cells need to be analysed under a microscope by experts. Although I’m not a doctor, I don’t believe the cell mutations in blood cancers can be seen in MRIs.

One last bit of advice I’d offer is not to google blood cancers or symptoms. There is so much nonsense online that is, frankly, not even scientifically researched. If you want to read about blood cancers, stick to blood cancer organisations like Blood Cancer UK.

Let us know how it goes for your daughter, I’ll keep my fingers crossed it’s not a blood cancer!

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Hi @Danny.
I can imagine that has caused anxiety for all off you.
When is your daughters next appointment where you can find out more?


Hi @Danny I am glad that you have found our forum
Obviously you are very concerned for your daughter.
What I have to remember is that medical professionals are doing the right thing by asking a lot of questions when trying to make a decision on the way forward diagnostically and all tests are to rule conditions in or out
Perhaps the time to your daughters next appointment will give her the opportunity to write down all her fears, questions and practicalities.
How are you coping you obviously have the paternal love and perhaps a feeling of powerlessness.
All of you be very kind to yourselves, perhaps not Google, and please do keep posting

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