I am 59 years old and just been diagnosed with Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) I have worked all my life but desired to take my pension from work in October this year, and concentrate on my health more rather than work at the moment I am trying to claim ESA and pip as you can appreciate my saving will not last long when paying the bills / cost of living
I have been in touch with citizens advice and they have been a big help as anyone got some advise about what’s the best way forward with my claim

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Hi @Tom21 a great big welcome and a very good question.
Firstly would your old Occupational Health or union assist or are you covered under any insurance you might have, just a chance.
I attach the link to the Blood Cancer UK website
Blood cancer: money and work | Blood Cancer UK
I attach a link to the Leukaemia Care website
Know your rights toolkit - Leukaemia Care
I attach a link to the Macmillan Cancer support website
Help with the cost of living and cancer | Macmillan Cancer Support
Like you I have also found the Citizens Advice very useful.
The Blood Cancer UK support line are also there for you, opening hours apply, on 0808 2080 888
Please do let us know how you get on and the main thing is to look after yourself.

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Thanks for the quick reply Erica

I have blood test on the 8th January then I meet with my doctor on the 31st of January so looking at getting some advise from him also speak about a doctors letter.
ESA have said I am entitled to £7.99 a week due to my work pension payments
I am sure it will all work out for the best

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Hi @Tom21 please do keep us updated and look after yourself

PIP is not means tested
Initially you have to call them they will advise you from there
It’s taking around 20weeks from applying but it does get back paid

There are questions about daily living and mobility

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Hi Tom, ive recently left work and got my full pension early too, the esa is an easy form just take to your cns nurse to fill in the necessary just you sign and date it, if you are getting a work pension you wont be entitled to much but they do pay your national insurance contributions. The pip takes longer but the macmillan nurses helped me every step of the way with this, they talked me through every question, they were amazing. it took maybe 5 months to get it but it was back dated.

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Thanks for your reply Betsy

I have contacted my nurse and they will talk me through the pip form I also am speaking with my doctor on the 31st January