Bloodwise Ambassador Jakes Moules's interview

Have you seen our Bloodwise Ambassador Jakes Moules’s interview?

For those of you who may have lost someone to blood cancer who or what’s helped you through this difficult time?


Hi Bav, Jakes sure is hitting 2020 running and spreading the Bloodwise word and opening up with issues like loosing his step father to blood cancer. He comes over so well and honestly in interviews. Thanks, Jakes.


Well done Jake! As a teacher I had a 6yr old whose mother had died during the Easter holidays. I had known the family for many years and the mother had had cancer most of the child’s life. On returning to school she was lining up to go outside for play when I overheard her talking to a friend saying that they were going to say goodbye to her mother in a couple of days then have a party at the pub. She was so excited! We had a few times when she brought in photo albums to share with the class. She also had a big family and her Mum’s friends who were there for her and her older brothers


Thank you for sharing @Bav.BloodCancerUK! :slight_smile:
I agree @Erica @Pisces56, what a fantastic interview by Jake, and so moving to hear how Bloodwise has helped him and about the supportive friends he has. Well done Jake! :smiley:

And thank you Louise, for sharing your story about a young pupil of yours. As the teacher says in the clip, grieving for someone is such an individual experience, different things can help different people.

Anyone else, you are more than welcome to share your own experience of what has helped you :+1:

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