Campath Treatment?

Hi everyone, newbie here.
My partner has just started a treatment called Campath 2 weeks ago. 1st week in and she had a real bad chest infection. She is now going back to the Beatson in Glasgow today. Has anyone else had this treatment and how did it effect them ?

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Dear @GaryS, welcome to the Forum and I hope we can help support you and your wife. Sorry to hear that she has a chest infection, as the Campath reduces the white cells then unfortunately infections can happen. Is she is going to the Beatson to get some antibiotics? Here is some information on Campath Alemtuzumab - targeted therapy drug to treat CLL and PLL - Macmillan Cancer Support, which you may have already received but it does go through the side effects. Wishing your wife well and if you or her do need to talk please do contact us Blood cancer information and support by phone and email | Blood Cancer UK. Kind regards Gemma

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Hi @GaryS a great big welcome.
I cannot help you with your question, but this is definitely a question for your partners medical team, I have found it is best to let them know exactly what is going on.
Please let us know how her appointment goes and what she is advised.
I hope others will be able to share their experiences.
If you would like to speak to someone the Blood Cancer UK support line is always there for you.
How are you both doing and I look forward to hearing more from you in Glasgow?

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Hi Gemma,
Thanks very much for your reply.

Yeah she was in the Beatson as an in patient first and had 3 treatments of Campath - 3ml, 10ml and 10ml again. Then the chest infection kicked in and they rushed her over to the Queen Elizabeth hospital where she is just now. They are waiting for transport to bring her back to the Beatson tonight.

Thanks once again :+1:

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Hi Erika,

Thanks for your reply.

Her specialist is aware of the infection and we are waiting on her being transferred back to the Beatson.

My worry is she got the infection after only 3 small treatments of Campath and I know they will restart her back on it.

Thanks again

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Hi @GaryS Of course you are concerned for your partner, it is scary not being in control and the unknown. I am glad your partner’s medical team know what is going on and are looking after her.
I think for you being the partner it can be a very lonely, isolated place and can feel as if you are on a parallel out of control rollercoaster and you have the similar fears, thoughts and emotions as you partner.
Perhaps nobody asks how you are except us on our forum. how are you doing and please look after yourself as well as you care for your partner.