Can you help us with our compilation blog - 'Blood Cancer, Covid and Managing Risk'

Can you help us with our compilation blog - ‘Blood Cancer, Covid and Managing Risk’

We’re hearing on the support line, from people who are understandably still really struggling to cope with the complete removal of restrictions and having difficulties making those steps towards ‘living with Covid-19’, as the government have put it.

We’re therefore putting together a compilation blog (like this one) featuring people affected by blood cancer, talking about how they’re managing risk and uncertainty and how they’re approaching finding the right balance between protecting themselves from the virus and looking after their mental well-being.

We plan to share this blog on our social media channels and through our support line. Everyone’s personal situation is different, and people need to do what’s best for them overall, but we hope that hearing from real people will help people feel less alone, and support people struggling to take those small steps if and where they feel comfortable.

If this feels like something you’d like to be involved with, please could you send me a paragraph or two talking about what ‘living with covid-19’ looks like for you, as someone affected by blood cancer.

Here’s some questions in case it’s helpful in structuring -

  • First name and condition type (and if you’re happy to include it, a photo we can use to accompany your paragraph).
  • What the emotional and practical impact of covid has been on you and your loved ones?
  • What does your ‘living with Covid’ look like? I.e. What changes have you made? How are you managing risk? What has supported you to do this and helped you make decisions?
  • What advice would you give those who are struggling with this at the moment?

My email is or of course you can just direct message me on here :slight_smile:

No pressure to do this whatsoever, but if you want to get involved, please could you send me this by Friday 15th July.

Thank you so much all!


Ive sent you something by email and pleased to be involved .