CML Medication changes

Hi. I was diagnosed with Chronic myeloid leukaemia in February. I was initially on Imatinib but my 3 month BCR-Abl wasn’t optimal so i was switched to 300mg Bosutinib. I also had low neutrophils on Imatinib and have been taking Filgrastim. My latest bloods are indicating that some of my liver enzymes are too high, which apparently can happen for the first 3 months on Bosutinib. My dr is recommending that I stay off the Bosutinib for 2 weeks and then get my bloods checked again. There was also the suggestion that the 300mg Bosutinib may be stopped completely and my medication may need changed again. This option scares me as i feel like I would then be churning through all the options and what happens when there is nothing left to try? Just hoping that someone else has had this experience or similar and can be reassuring.


Hi @Ali48 yes, I hope someone will be able to share their experiences for you.
A real dilemma for you and thanks for your clear post with your feelings.
What I will do is send you the details of the Blood Cancer UK support line on 0808 2080 888 and also copy your post to the Blood Cancer UK nurses @BloodCancerUK_Nurses
Please do let us know what you decide and take lots of care of yourself


Dear @Ali48,
Sorry to read about the worries you have. It sounds like they will review your bloods in 2 weeks and decide whether you can continue the Bosutinib, it may be they can cautiously restart if your liver functions improve. Will you have an appointment to discuss this? I think it is important that you communicate your worries with your treating team or clinical nurse specialist so you can better understand what the options will be going forward?
Have you started any other new medication recently? Or are they quite sure this is related to the bosutinib?
You would be welcome to call us on the number Erica has given if you would like to talk this through.
Best Wishes, Heidi J (Support Services Nurse)


Hi Heidi, thanks for gettig back to me. I have discussed things with the haematology specialist nurses and expressed my concerns. Yes, you’re right. Getting bloods done again Wednesday week and then a phone call appointment with hopefully the consultant.

Im not on any new medication other than the Bosutinib.

If there are any hints at changing the meds again I will be discussing things in full before i agree to it. I really hope the liver levels sort themselves out and I can just remain on the bosutinib. It hasnt been an easy first few months.