So the Government have told the nhs that staff can test positive for Covid and still go to work unless they show symptoms?!
So by my calculations, said nhs individual tests positive, shows no symptoms, but puts immunocompromised at risk by being allowed to work by Government
Let that sink in!
Some of us immunocompromised are visited by health professionals including district nurses. Without sounding sarcastic, are we supposed to get them to perform a lateral flow test on arrival to avoid getting Covid, ok thats silly. What do we do?
In fairness to the NHS I would understand if they agreed with this policy, as they need as many staff working as possible to cope with backlogs, but its not fair to vulnerable groups, on the Government’s part
immunocompromised are effected detrimentaly by cold weather, opening a window is not an option.
Masks & ppe are not silver bullits
What would you advise?

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You have every right to be concerned but regardless of what the NHS policy is… your risk is no different as you’ll be likely to catch something from someone working within the NHS at a hospital/gp surgery as you are waiting in the waiting room, being in a lift or catching the bus on route to your appointment.

Unfortunately the only thing we can control and monitor is ourselves and hope people have the decency to think or consider others while they do.


Thank U for your reply and acknowledging my concern and I appreciate you are trying to reassure me, which is important for everyone in these very stressful times . :grinning: :+1:

I just feel in my opinion that the overall risk for immunocompromised has increased further.

1/Like I said masks are no silver bullit and even now they are not compulsory in hospitals. :disappointed_relieved:

2/We have the additional risk of consulting with nhs workers who may have Covid. :disappointed_relieved:

3/You only have to look at the likes & RT’S on Social Media to see people are MORE petrified!:disappointed_relieved:

4/Some of us avoid of going to appointments because of the risk and get treated at home, as housebound individuals, now we are at risk at home. A health specialist visited one person and was very arrogant when asked about not wearing a mask. Now currently not only does he not have to wear a mask, he might have Covid not have symptoms and be allowed to work spreading the disease to most vulnerable. Some Dctrs are ignoring our medical history and are refusing to make home visits and discouraging immunocompromised from wearing masks :disappointed_relieved:

May I just empasise I am not “getting at you” by reply, but simply re emphasizing my concern on behalf of everyone. Thank you for saying I have every right to be concerned and your final paragraph and thank you to Blood Cancer Uk for giving us a voice and always being there, the bible of the best Covid advice for everyone, especially support line :+1::+1:

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I sincerely apologise @anon06 if my reply sounded dismissive of your concerns. Your concerns/opinions/views for many immunosuppressant patients is totally valid and I too agree with.

Healthcare professionals should totally understand and you would accept a duty of care to ensure a safe space for their patients. But rather it be an instinct/norm they should be accommodating rather than dismissive to ensure your needs and safety are met. We look at them as a foundation of knowledge and as much as we should be respectful towards them, they too should understand a patients perspective but also ask and be told if their natural instinct/conduct isn’t meeting that criteria.

Looking at the world and peoples general attitude, the minorities don’t count and anything raised is just noise and not high enough on the priority list of things effecting the majority in current society. The only time anything gets raised is often as distraction to a problem that can’t be fixed or wants to be ignored it seems.

As depressing as it sounds, the attitude of “if it’s not a problem for them, it’s not a problem” is becoming more prevalent as people would argue their problems and priorities are not the same so quick to be dismissive of others.


Thank you for your well worded considered reply

Dear @anon06
Thank you for your post and it is understandable that you and many others are concerned. May I ask where you read about COVID positive NHS staff being able to work? If you could forward @Alice_BloodCancerUK and @BloodCancerUK_Nurses we can take this forward to our policy and campaigns team for discussion/action.
Many thanks


It was on Twitter I will post the exact link in due course. It was highlighted by @Evusheld4theuk @cev as well as some people with blood cancer uk connections on Twitter, but I will post the exact ORIGINAL tweet in this reply as an edit
kid regards from your biggest fan👍

Edit reply fao @Alice_BloodCancerUK @BloodCancerUK_Nurses


It’s not just covid there is MRSA and other delights floating around hospitals

Masks have been my saviour

Day 8 of my stem cell transplant I had a txt saying that I had been in close contact with some one who had contracted omicron version
Could only have been hospital staff as I was in isolation thankfully they were all wearing masks at the time
I didn’t contract covid luckily

Our cancer unit still advocate masks and hand sanitiser
I don’t see any mask wearing if I have to walk through the hospital

I will praise worcester breast screening clinic for the care kindness and compassion I received recently
I was given a room far away from general public and everyone was wearing masks and the mammogram room was wiped down before I went in

This is taken from my trust

Do not attend hospital/clinic if you have COVID-19 symptoms

High temperature, a new, continuous cough, a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste

Visiting arrangements - updated 12/01/23

Visiting restrictions have been eased at the Trust’s hospitals. The latest information on visiting restrictions, including ward closures that may be in place are listed on our visiting page.

Facemasks - updated 5 April 2023

Staff are wearing facemasks in the following areas. Patients and visitors are not required to wear a face mask in the areas below, but we recommend that you do.

  • Wards

  • Emergency Department

  • Same Day Emergency Care

  • Macmillan Renton Unit

  • Special Care Baby Unit

  • ICU

  • We’re also urging visitors not to attend hospital if they feel unwell, have a respiratory virus/symptoms, COVID-19/symptoms, or sickness/diarrhoea (unless 48 hours free of symptoms), in order to help protect patients,


Staff testing is updated


I saw this on Twitter @anon06, and it worried me too so I decided to see what I could do to protect myself.

As a result, I recently invested (£49) in an airhead mask for OH and myself for hospital visits etc.

This is the nearest I could find to a Flo Mask in the UK, but half the price. I think the filters provided are meant for filtering out pollution when cycling through cities so we have cut up flat FFP2s to the same shape as the filters provided instead, and this seems to work fine. (The same company also sells packs of better-shaped disposable FFP2s)

The airhead masks make a much closer seal round the face than other masks that I have used and there is a hinged ‘door’ you can open if you need a drink of water while sitting in a waiting room or treatment. One advantage of the new legislation is that you don’t have to remove your own higher-grade mask to change it for a clean hospital one, which had been the case at my local hospital)

Last week I had a trip to A and E and was very pleased to have sorted my new mask in advance of this. Of course there are all kinds of other masks with various advantages but I decided this was the best option for me.

I think there’s truth in the old adage of concentrating on what we can control rather than on what we can’t control but oh so frustrating that the people with the power to change things for all of us seem to be making some very strange decisions. Maybe when you don’t have blood cancer it is really hard to imagine the risk level and limitations that we all live with every day.


Please all join and share this petition.
Thank you.


Thank you @Ted369. I’ve signed and shared on Twitter. Wouldn’t it be good if this petition could bring back masks in hospitals. I notice, not surprisingly, that various different ECV and other organisations are drawing attention to it on Twitter, so I hope the full number of signatures will soon be achieved.


Read and signed
Let’s hope it brings change


Why was my post deleted I apologise if I offended anyone, although it did get three likes I did edit my original post to this conversation after recomemdation by @Alice_BloodCancerUK