No one wants masks, but we still need them to keep Covid at bay

I came across these two letters in The Guardian newspaper recently (9/2/2023) which our community might want to read. That one is from a doctor who is also an immunocompromised patient is most interesting.

Stay safe and well.



A really interesting read @Lulu999. Thanks for sharing and I hope you are well :blush:


I have had two haematology consultants telling me I have to learn to live with covid

I will wear a mask and our unit still wears them the rest of the hospital doesn’t

My daughter still wears hers at work and is the only one as she wants to protect me
We wear masks in the house if one of my kids comes down with a cold and so far along with good hygiene I haven’t caught anything

I do think masks help and in clinal settings they should still be used while covid is around to protect the vulnerable

I do still religiously shield and happy to do so


Hi 2DB,

I believe all medical people should wear masks for their patients and nobody, at least as a courtesy, should not wear masks when entering a surgery or hospital, etc.

If I am out in the open and go for a walk, I do not wear them and avoid people, but if I go into any building, I do. I use the PPF3 which are expensive but so far, effective.

After three years of it, my husband and I are coming out of shielding but taking stringent precautions. Masked in a cinema which was empty, and I chose a time when the cinema would not be full. Coming up, we will be going to a fundraising supper quiz and have made arrangements to eat in a separate room, then come back masked to join others for the quiz itself. Went to the theatre in Dec which was empty upstairs, which was good for me, and was fully masked. I sit outside in restaurants but found a local one for the colder weather that has its front door open, so can go inside in the late afternoon plus we are not hassled and it has a laid back atmosphere - and the cakes are delicious too!!!

So we are trying to get back to normal. Have seen one set of friends, but not ready to go back to my social club as yet or go on holiday abroad. We all work at our own place and sometimes it feels like a military operatio to plan how we do things. Not being car owners limits us, but the Americans may see “In Gof We Trust”, but I say in PPF3s we trust.

However, doctors and other health workers should know better. The old saying “coughs and sneezes spread diseases” would not ring so true if people were masked.

Stay safe and well.


Hi @Lula999
Thank you for sharing these letters.

Personally I think face masks are a tiny inconvenience that we can all endure for the benefit of all.

During the early years of the pandemic we learnt that the transmission of common winter illnesses can be minimised by good hand hygiene and wearing face masks in crowded spaces. The Government could have reduced some of the pressures on hospitals this autumn and winter by re-issueing messaging about hand hygiene and wearing face masks. Unfortunately they chose do nothing.

I continue to wear a face masks in busy indoor spaces and on public transport.

Best wishes



My 5 penneth.
As a retired Environmental Health Technician and a County Councils Safety Officer I revert to type.

  1. The need for PPE is an employers duty of care to employees with regard to identified hazards. That includes Bio Hazards. A devil is that there are prescribed Bio Hazrds e.g. Legionnaires Disease. Has Covid been classified as such under Safety at Work legislation?
    If it is open to individuals to determine then why no masks etc. permanently for Flu?
    Their duty to non employees is isolate the source of the hazard if it can’t be removed eg. “Don’t attend the surgery etc.” and if we invite you in then “scrub up and dress up”.

  2. I have WM and immunosuppresed. I wear a mask in unknown company. I have a beard and I’m a glasses wearer.
    When training employees re PPE and RPE (Respiratory Protection) I had to emphasise the need for relevant type of protector; correct fit and remember a large number of viruses enter via the eyes into sinuses and into the Respiratory System.

I’m for a risk assessed approach to hazard and control. Country walk and have low neutrophils then low risk and no mask; Low neutrophils and in a crowd then mask up or just stay shielding.

My big annoyance is when I attend my Haemotology / Oncology department the number of non masked unregulated people that are roaming around without question. Do I want to travel to my Lymphoma ward surrounded by every virus/bacteria carriering visitor.

Rule number 1 is look after number 1.


Oh, @Iain I so agree that Rule number 1 is to look after number 1. I cannot control others, all I can do is to try and protect myself.
Look after yourself