Electrolyte Test with no Explanation

I have Polycythaemia vera (PV) and possibly CMML. After my latest Haematology appointment I went to the Drs to get my routine Full Blood Count taken and the nurse said the hospital had requested an electrolyte panel. This had not been mentioned, whatbwould this be looking for?

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Hello @DougyW. I am not medically qualified. I have a different MPN to you, namely myelofibrosis but I have picked up bits of information over the years. As far as I know an electrolyte panel is fairly routine and checks the different levels of magnesium, potassium, sodium etc in the blood. These levels can be affected by medication plus certain diseases. It sounds like your medical team are being very thorough which is good. I expect they will want to perform this electrolyte test regularly just to monitor everything but it’s nothing to worry about. Hope this helps. Warm wishes. Willow X

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Hi Willow, thanks for getting back. That was my assumption but I don’t like the unexpected as you don’t quite know. Makes me a control freak I guess.

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Hi @DougyW, thank you for your question, and I do hope you’re doing okay. In case it’s helpful at all, I thought I’d share our webpages around tests for diagnosis- Blood cancer tests | Blood Cancer UK. Although this page is geared towards diagnostic tests, the blood tests listed are often used routinely in monitoring, too. I don’t think you’re being a control freak at all- it’s really quite understandable to wish to know.

Do you have a contact number for your Clinical Nurse Specialist, in case you wish to share any questions/concerns around your care with them?

Do remember that our Support Team are here for you, if you wish to talk anything over or need any support at all (0808 2080 888 or support@bloodcancer.org.uk).

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