Frequency of Venosection

I have been on Venosection and asprin due to Polycythaemia vera (PV) for just over a year now. I have required venosectio. Every 4 weeks and my Haemocrit getting ip to ~ .47. What I have no idea of is this a high frequency or should the need have decreases by now?

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Hi @DougyW This is not a question we could answer.
I think that we are all very special and unique beings and very luckily all treated and tested very individually these days so your question is best answered by someone in your medical team that organises your tests or a nurse contact you might have.
Please do let us know the response you receive.
Really look after yourself it sounds as if you have been going through a lot.

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Hi @DougyW

I too are having venesections. And it really does differ from person to person. Hearing from other people, some have it every 2 weeks and some upping initially being diagnosed have three in the space of a fortnight.

Your levels are more important than the frequencies as someone who is having them frequently is often because they are producing more red blood cells than normal.

It takes time for your body to adjust and annoying venesections and recovery can be, I’d imagine it does happen less frequent.

I used to have one every two weeks then once a month then one every 3 months now every 6 if that.

I’m having regular blood tests but my hct isn’t naturally increasing it’s fluctuating around the safe range with me doing or eating anything special.

The body works in mysterious ways…

Hope you’re well and hang in there


Thanks for your response. Did you decrease in frequency coincidence with starting to take the Interferon Alpha? Hope you feel well in all other ways as well.


I was diagnosed on Boxing Day 2022 with haematocrit at just shy of 0.8. I was kept in hospital for 5 days and was having venesections twice a day for that period. This resulted in a huge reduction of HCT to 0.56 and I was sent home - because they needed the bed - and continued with v-sections twice a week until my HCT reached 0.45.
Now I’m at the target level of 0.43 and I’m having monthly blood tests to monitor this. Although my HCT was 0.44 the previous month.
So, I expect to have future v-sections if the HCT rises again, which I hope your haematologist is monitoring for your levels.

Someone did suggest sending an email to, or ringing, the haematology team if concerned about anything. I hope you feel you can do that Take care.


Most definitely yes :+1:t4:

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