Going out during chemo

Hi, I have DLBCL grade 4, just finished chemo, about to start radiotherapy.
I do go out and eat, wear my mask, eat outside or in if tables spaced and not busy. Before I book anywhere I ask and tell them my circumstances briefly. I have friends for coffee at home, outside or in but we keep our distance. I am doing this a lot more now chemo is over. I even gave builders in at the moment upgrading my conservatory roof. I believe everything is possible to do, risk assess it first then be cautious. My builders keep their distance and lateral flow every morning. I have found when people are aware they are very considerate. Mentally and emotionally I feel much better for doing this a bit more now chemo is over.
Good luck xx

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Hi @Kas I am glad you have found us and posted, as you say you take all reasonable precautions when interacting with others. I also think if you are reasonable with others, often they are reasonable with you too.
The main thing is your health mentally, emotionally and physically.
Please let us know how your radiotherapy goes.
Look after yourself and I look forward to hearing more about you so please keep posting.

Thanks @Kas thats very interesting. I agree that although physical health is so important how you feel mentally and emotionally is equally important and supports your physical health. Its husbands birthday in less than two weeks( a special one) and have agreed on the Friday, close relatives are coming for cake and champagne just a few people. And on the Saturday we are going to daughters for a paella and sangria night. Everyone has agreed to lateral flow tests and if they feel unwell will not come, It maybe outside or if weather not good enough inside all windows open.So fingers crossed he feels well enough and everyone ok.


Oh @summer123 that sounds a wonderful way to celebrate your husbands special birthday and it sounds as if everyone that you are seeing are very caring and doing their best to keep you and everyone safe.
I know how much you have gone through, but perhaps your husband has also been really affected so you have a lot of celebrating to do, enjoy and we will await hearing all about it.

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