GP Receptionists

Was given a big scare when I was at the gp’s a week ago on Monday , I saw the nurse for bloods and was to call back Friday after 2 pm , I was woken up on Wednesday at 8am by one of the receptionists , 1st thing she said was is that you Jean , You have a problem with your bloods and the soonest possible appointment I have is next Wednesday , can you come in at 12.45 , I went and they couldn’t find my appointment with the GP , finally they found it , it was with the nurse , the gp requested more bloods as he wanted them redone , I called on Tuesday giving them time to get them back , nothing - I started worrying even further , I called on Thursday and was told bloods were borderline and leave it till I see my consultant on 29th September , borderline is better than a problem , still have off days , rollercoaster days , people think once your in remission your fine nothing wrong with you , wish it was that simple , pity they can’t understand the whole process , from chemo to recovery , it would make our journey much easier… hope all are well , take care , keep safe and well Xx :purple_heart::green_heart:


Hi @Jay. That must have been really scary and would have sent me in to a panic. I’m really glad they are better that I can imagine you thought after that call. You must feel exhausted!
I hope you have something nice planned for the weekend to help you relax? X

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Hi @Jay what a rollercoaster of thoughts and emotions you must have gone through and I think you handled it brilliantly.
No people cannot understand and my theory is because it is not logical. People think the you are diagnosed, treated and everything goes back to normal, how wrong can they be.
I can educate some people but not others.
Look after yourself, we understand and please keep posting.