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Hi all my husband has cll, myself and 2 boys have been shielding with him, if we have things delivered and I clean them down with disinfectant are they safe to be in the house.

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Hi Gem, I also have CLL and I am in isolation and my husband is in self isolation. I actually got a home delivery today as well. Welcome to our forum and we are here to support each other through these anxious times. The wonderful Bloodwise support is also there for us and their details are above. How is it for you all being confined together as this is where you can share your innermost thoughts, feelings and practicalities. Stay safe.

Hi @Gem79 it’s totally understandable that you have questions around this! How are you all doing at the moment?
It’s fine to get home deliveries, as long as you’re following stringent food and personal hygiene (there’s some more information, here -

Take care, Alice

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