Happy New Year

Hi everyone , hope you all had a great xmas and new year. I’m now on my 2nd week of annual leave from the prison atm. Enjoying the rest .

Was watching Undercover Boss USA and it had the Chief of WWE - Stephanie McMahon working undercover and then obviously letting them know who she was. What struck me was she helped a 10 year old that was in remission from ALL and he said he was raising funds to help children with cancers . My wife noticed how this affected me as it hit home that I have too have a form of Leukemia called TLGL. I’m trying to hold the emotions but it’s hard. This year, my fundraising is for Leukemia Care. Also I was talking to the Chef in the Prison and he said to one of his team that no one would realise what I am going through atm as I walk through the building . In a way, i’m sad but I am happy that my TLGL is indolent . Glad of this forum and thanks for all your support . Love you all


Hope you have a good 2023 as well Jbeaver. Keep looking forward


Happy New Year, @Jbeaver12. What a fantastic thing, raising money for Leukaemia Care - very best of luck with it. It’s hard to watch programmes about children with our ilnesses, isn’t it? And to process that we ourselves have these unwelcome diagnoses.

I hope you have a lovely time during the rest of your annual leave. I imagine prison work is very demanding, and you are in need of a rest at this point in the year at the best of times.

Take care.


Happy new year all and @Jbeaver12.

Brilliant work with raising money for Leukaemia Care, what a great thing to do.

I agree with what @Fullofbeans says its hard to watch children on tv eith our illnesses.

Stay strong and take care

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Hi @Jbeaver12 I have found that I am far more emotional since my diagnosis 19 years ago and the tears can come when I least expect them.
One evening I cried buckets at the film of Jody Picoult’s book My sister’s keeper, a leukaemia story…
My husband just could not understand what was wrong with me.
Aren’t hidden conditions interesting, I know I put on the smiley mask far too readily.
My leukaemia is chronic and I am on ‘watch and wait’ and I really count myself as a very lucky girl.
Thanks for fundraising for Leukaemia Care this year.
I am glad that you are enjoying your well earned rest, look after yourself and please keep posting.