Is Omicron really on the way out?

If Omicron continues indefinitely and all precautions are abandoned, most people will only have mild symptoms. But blood cancer patients might have to choose between taking big risks to remain socially active, and indefinite shielding. The government no longer seems to hang on the words of experts, and ministers may have to be pushed to provide frequent vaccinations to vulnerable people.This won’t matter if symptoms are always mild as most find them, but the number of deaths reported suggests that symptoms are not always mild. Can anyone offer a more comfortable view of the future?


Hi @jumbo4 it is difficult to reply to your post, I just don’t know what the future will bring.
I have had my 4th vaccine, mind you I haven’t produced anti bodies so far.
Personally I feel that we might have to live with Covid as we do with the more seasonal flu.
I will listen to Blood Cancer UK and the health experts.
If I were to get Covid I now know how to access anti virols.
I cannot control the actions of the rest of the world, but I now know what I have to do to best protect myself.
I hope to ease myself out into society, as safely as I can, over the next few months if the Covid numbers keep slowly improving.
Watch this space, I may have to eat my words!!!


I would say Erica is right that we will have to learn to live with Covid because we are now a relatively small minority and we really have no choice. the antivirals aren’t available for my type of Leukaemia so I can only hope Omicron will be mild after I have my fourth vaccine . I am more ambitious than Erica as I fully intend to control the actions of those where I can ie my students as I know they have a more relaxed attitude to Covid transmission mission including one attending a seminar while still testing positive. So they will wear masks at the moment to protect me and other students with vulnerable family members. but I’d be more relaxed with a group of people I know well and trust. As the year progresses I shall do more and more because so much more will happen outside. As for theatres Cinemas and larger indoor gatherings I shall consider what the Covid rate at the time is whether my last vaccine worked well and whether I should feel it worth the risk if I did happen to catch Covid so a dear friend’s big birthday would be worth a risk a mediocre film not so much.


It’s a good question. I’ve been mostly shielding for almost two years now. My daughter works in a primary school where my granddaughter attends. She said tonight of the 300 children some are on there second covid infection after approximately 7 weeks. I’ve had all four jabs but am still very limited to who I see. I’ve heard that the time the vaccines last has decreased after each one. I just don’t see how we learn to live with covid. If no future jabs or other treatments are we just going to shield forever???

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Hi @John I think the answer to your questions is ‘who knows !!!’ I am afraid
However I think research takes time, but is working as quickly as it can.
I have to think that there is light at the end of the tunnel, but I am not sure how long the tunnel is !!!
Look after yourself and keep watching for reliable up to date information from Blood Cancer UK.