Looking for people with CML to help update our condition information

Do you have Chronic myeloid leukaemia? Would you be happy to join a working group and donate 4-5 hours of your time from April - August to help us improve our Chronic myeloid leukaemia information?

We are currently looking into updating and improving our information about Chronic myeloid leukaemia, and we’d like to speak to people about their experiences of the condition as well as what is helpful and what might be missing from our current booklet and web pages. The first stage of the project would be arranging a short video call with me in the next few weeks, potentially followed by a group call next month. Once our new information is drafted, you would also have the chance to review it and feedback via email.

If you’d like to hear more or wish to volunteer for the project, please email me at sarah.hastelow@bloodcancer.org.uk

We are especially keen to hear from anyone from an underrepresented minority group, and to ensure our information reflects a diverse society it would be really helpful if you could include in your email:

  • Your name and age
  • The year of your diagnosis
  • Your gender
  • Your ethnicity

Thank you!